Revealing the Best Dry Bag for Snorkeling: Keeping Your Valuables Safe Underwater in 2023

#1 Pick

Best Overall Dry Bag: Yeti Panga 50


Excellent Value for Money: SealLine Discovery View

Best Budget

Best Ultralight: Osprey Ultralight Drysack
#1 Pick
Score 9.4 OUT OF 10

Snorkeling in 2023 is no different from years past, where a safe haven for keeping gear dry is key. A trusty sidekick, the waterproof bag, ensures everything from your grandfather’s watch to your supermarket tabloids remains bone dry. Consider the scenario of prolonged submersion where everything has to endure the watery onslaught. Those generic bags have no chance of survival, but a well-made dry bag backed by credible waterproof rating paired with an IP rating offers hope. As our test values suggest, the Freegrace bag does a pretty good job at an affordable price. This one has a tight seal, robust enough to withstand underwater pressures – as good as a fanny pack of steel, if not better.

Imagine a dry sack designed with high-quality materials, taped seams, and a roll-top closure; stitched and sealed to perfection. That’s how real professionals like to protect their snorkel gear. Picture plenty of storage space and a range of sizes for carrying any bulk, all while the content remained dry throughout the outdoor activities. Each dry bag backpack provides space designed to keep your items dry and organized. They indeed present a solution that offers comfort and flexibility.

Why Do You Need a Waterproof Bag for Snorkeling?

In an uncomplicated world, having waterproof pouches on a snorkeling expedition would act like a guardian for your electronics. It’s as important as a motorcycle helmet on a busy highway – not mandatory, but life-saving. These bags are the knight in shining plastic who guard your equipment against any drip, drop, or deluge.

These waterproof seal protected plastic bags ensure your underwater activities go smoothly. They focus on the protection part so that you can concentrate on the fun elements. As these bags heroically tackle the water, you can gallantly face the marine world, knowing your valuables are safe and sound.

Essential Features to Consider When Shopping for a Waterproof Dry Bag

When it comes to choosing the perfect dry bag for your snorkeling adventures, there are a bunch of things you gotta look at closely. You don’t want a bag that’s all talk and no action, right? So, pay attention to its features carefully. Just like finding the right sidekick for a superhero mission, it’s all in the specifics.

  • Importance of IP Rating

Nobody, and I mean nobody, wants their stuff getting soaked when they’re out snorkeling. So, the first thing you gotta look at is the IP rating of the dry bag. This little number indicator is like a fortune teller, telling you how well your bag can handle water. The higher the IP number, the better the bag is at keeping H2O at bay. It’s like saying, “Hey water, you ain’t welcome here!”

Now, not to start a game of hide and seek here, but do consider a dry bag that has been third-party tested to affirm its water resistance claims. It’s like an ice cream shop offering sample tastings before buying – you just gotta keep the trust issues at a minimum.

  • The Role of Buoyancy in a Snorkeling Bag

Ever heard of the saying ‘sink or float’? Yeah, right, that’s where buoyancy comes into play in a snorkeling bag. Nothing can ruin your snorkeling excursion faster than spotting your precious bag making like a rock and sinking down. So finding a bag that stays afloat is a must.

Some dry bags are just well-engineered marvels. Even with all your stuff filled in, they still stay on the surface of the water like they’ve aced swimming lessons! Buoyancy is a game-changer in waterproof bags – it’s like the lifejacket of your precious goods!

  • Size: What’s the Right Fit for Your Needs?

Let’s talk about size. Your dry bag needs to fulfill the Goldilocks principle – not too big, not too small, just right. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a fashion statement, it’s about practical functionality. It needs to be large enough to hold all your necessary goods, and compact enough for you to carry around with ease.

Sometimes, if you’re packing light, a smaller dry pouch might do the trick. But if you’re someone who wants everything but the kitchen sink on your snorkeling trip, go for a bigger bag. Like they say, it’s better safe than sorry.

  • Secure Seal: Your Vital Barrier Against Water

The drencer-showstopper of any good dry bag is the secure seal. It’s the gatekeeper, it’s the wall, it’s the barrier against uninvited guests, for example, water! A strong seal is a must-have – no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Most quality dry bags have either sealed seams or welded construction. Kinda like a well-crafted piece of DIY furniture, just with the added bonus of guarding against water. A waterproof zipper is like that extra shot in your morning coffee, reinforcing the shield against water entry. To nail it down, without a secure seal, your dry bag is just a sitting duck waiting to get drenched.

  • Touch-Sensitive Screen: A Handy Feature for Tech Users

Now who imagines going snorkeling without grabbing the chance to snap some underwater magic? And when it comes to underwater photography, being able to operate your smartphone or camera without removing it from the bag is a true blessing in disguise. That’s where a touch-sensitive screen pouch makes its grand entry.

With such a feature, you can capture all the stunning marine life or even make underwater vlog entries, without fretting over your device getting waterlogged. It’s like having an invisible shield between your valuable tech and the water, granting you the power to operate it safely.

Spotlight on Top Dry Bags for Snorkeling in 2023

Alright! Now that we’ve gone over the essential features that a good dry bag must have, it’s time to shine the disco spotlight on top contenders in the year 2023. These champs have been tested and tried and they have aced the ‘Dry Bag Olympics’. Get ready for the grand reveal!

1. Best Overall Dry Bag: Yeti Panga 50

Score 9.4 OUT OF 10
YETI Panga Series Airtight, Waterproof, Submersible Bags
The Yeti Panga 50 is a real workhorse in the snorkeling scene. You don’t need to sweat about soaking your gear, because this dry bag takes care of that like a pro. It’s got real grit, built tough like a truck driver’s handshake. The 70D nylon construction line is solid as a bouncer at a rowdy bar, and the polyurethane line means business. With the roll and clip closure, the inside is as dry as a desert on a hot day. No matter the size of your equipment, there’s room for everything from small sleeping bags to a mid-sized 45L scubapro kit, even the big 120L options.
  • Astonishingly, it can keep all of your stuff completely dry. Imagine that!
  • The purge valve for each compression is a handy feature that’s unusual in this price range.
  • The fact that it’s see-through makes it easy to find your items. No more fishing around!
  • It has a strong attachment point. It won’t just float away on you.
  • Impressively, the seams are fully welded for extra durability. That’s a top-notch feature.
  • It might not be quite as rugged as some. It’s possible to puncture if you’re not careful.
  • It’s not made to be underwater for extended lengths of time. It’s good for splashes, but not for deep dives.

2. Excellent Value for Money: SealLine Discovery View

Score 8.4 OUT OF 10
SealLine Discovery Waterproof Dry Bag

Looking for a more budget friendly dry bag? Have a gander over at the SealLine Discovery View, it’s like finding a twenty in an old pair of jeans. Fits as snugly in your budget as a rain jacket in Seattle. For a good price, and with a whopping 75 liters capacity, it handles some seriously damp adventures while maintaining a score of 78 in overall performance. Not bad for a budget pick!

What Sets SealLine Discovery View Apart?

It’s transparent simplicity that makes the SealLine Discovery View an easy choice. Who needs a bag that’s obtuse like a mind-reader at a math convention, right? With the transparent feature, it’s no guessing game locating your essentials. And those seams, welded tighter than an underwater welder at a shipyard, make this bag a champion in the dryness department. All the while, your stuff remained dry, cool as a cucumber.

Of course, nothing, not even waterproof bags, is perfect. The material is not exactly great at taking direct hits. So it won’t do well with heavy water currents. There’s also the fact that it isn’t submersible for an extended time.  But given the price tag, it’s really punching above its weight class.


  • Folks, this bag can hold up to a hefty 75 liters. That’s a lot of gear!
  • With a purge valve, it keeps contents dry, even when under a bit of pressure.
  • Translucent material is a genius idea. No more lost items!
  • With a sturdy attachment point, you won’t lose this baby to the ocean’s waves.
  • The fully welded seams make this a winner in terms of durability.


  • You have to be careful with it. It’s not immune to punctures.
  • Watch out for long underwater sojourns. It’s not meant for those

3. Best Ultralight: Osprey Ultralight Drysack

Score 9.6 OUT OF 10
Best Ultralight: Osprey Ultralight Drysack

Are you the kind of snorkeler who likes to travel light as a feather? Then say hello to the Osprey Ultralight Drysack. It’s lighter than air but sturdy, like that thin little ripstop nylon strip that keeps your parachute from turning into a laundry bag during a dive.

Features That Make Osprey Ultralight Drysack Stand Out

When it comes to simplicity and ease of use, the Osprey Ultralight Drysack shines like cleaned-up silverware. The bag is so easy to use, it’s like opening an umbrella indoors. The 40D ripstop nylon construction makes it so tough, it scoffs at tests of durability. But the real clincher here is weight, or rather, the lack of it. Despite being high capacity, it weighs in less than a kitten with its boots on.

The shape also adds convenience as the rectangular design makes for easy stashing of equipment. And the vibrantly colored sides against the dark base make locating stuff a cinch. But it’s not all paradise- this bag too has its shortcomings. If you are one of those folks who swears by features and frills, well, you might find this ripstop nylon buddy a little too bare bones.


  • Ultralight design won’t put a burden on your shoulders.
  • The ripstop nylon material is hardy and resilient.
  • The rectangular shape makes for easy packing.
  • The thin sides allow light inside, aiding visibility.
  • Easy to use, without any needless bells and whistles.


  • Not the best against abrasions so handle with care.
  • This design is most effective when used as part of an organizational system.

4. Best on a Tight Budget: Outdoor Products 3-Pack All Purpose

Score 8.8 OUT OF 10
Outdoor Products

Snorkeling on a shoestring budget? Say hello to the Outdoor Products 3-Pack All Purpose dry bags for a bargain price. It’s a no-frills, straightforward solution, like a hammer in a toolbox. This pack of three gives you the choice of stacking them up like a matryoshka doll or using them individually. It will withstand your lake trip or afternoon snorkeling excursion, thanks to the roll-top closure and the taped seams.


  • Counts for three, priced for one – now that’s a bargain.
  • Lightweight construction won’t drag you down.
  • Surefire roll-top closure keeps your stuff safe.
  • Perfectly sized for laid-back afternoon trips.
  • No-frills design keeps things simple and effective.


  • A little susceptible to wear and tear over time.
  • The taped seams might start to peel after heavy use.

5. Top Pick for Snorkelers: Kumbaya R1 Waterproof Rucksack

Score 8.8 OUT OF 10

Snorkeling on a shoestring budget? Say hello to the Outdoor Products 3-Pack All Purpose dry bags for a bargain price. It’s a no-frills, straightforward solution, like a hammer in a toolbox. This pack of three gives you the choice of stacking them up like a matryoshka doll or using them individually. It will withstand your lake trip or afternoon snorkeling excursion, thanks to the roll-top closure and the taped seams.


  • Counts for three, priced for one – now that’s a bargain.
  • Lightweight construction won’t drag you down.
  • Surefire roll-top closure keeps your stuff safe.
  • Perfectly sized for laid-back afternoon trips.
  • No-frills design keeps things simple and effective.


  • A little susceptible to wear and tear over time.
  • The taped seams might start to peel after heavy use.

6. High-end Favourite: Skog Å Kust BackSåk Pro

Score 9 OUT OF 10
Skog Å Kust BackSåk Pro Waterproof Floating Backpacks with Exterior Airtight Zippered Pocket

If you’re planning to reach out for the stars and are willing to spend a few extra clams, this high-end pick is the one to aim for. The Skog Å Kust BackSåk Pro is a maestro who orchestrates comfort and flexibility with the TPU coated ripstop nylon. Bright and lightweight, it’s tough as nails, holding up with grace and aplomb in dance-offs with harsh oceanic environments. It even has a laptop compartment and other areas that keep your daily essentials sorted!


  • Offers exceptional waterproof protection for your gear, keeping it dry even in heavy rain or during water-based activities.
  • Made from high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting performance in rugged outdoor conditions.
  • Features padded straps and a comfortable back panel for extended wear.
  • Available in multiple sizes to accommodate different storage needs.
  • Suitable for various outdoor activities, from hiking and camping to water sports like snorkeling.


  • This one’s a bit on the high-end side, so it might be out of range for folks on a tighter budget.
  • Also, it’s got a laptop compartment. Now that may be perfect if you plan to use it as a daily bag, but if it’s just for snorkeling, it might be unnecessary and just adding weight.

7. Phone Protection Choice: Mpow 097 Universal Waterproof Case

Score 7.8 OUT OF 10
Phone Protection Choice: Mpow 097 Universal Waterproof Case

Okay, now we’re getting personal. Yep, your dear phone needs snorkeling armor too. And boy, do we have the knight in shining plastic for you: the Mpow 097 Universal Waterproof Case. It’s an affordable waterproof delight that comes with an IP68 rating, ensuring it keeps your phone dry beneath the waves. Plus, your touch screen is always accessible to you. Not too shabby, eh?


  • It ups the game with an affordable waterproof design, which is a rarity in the market
  • The case boasts an impressive IP68 waterproof rating – that’s some serious water-blocking prowess
  • No need to worry about missing any important calls or texts, as you can use your touch screen without a hitch
  • It’s not picky about the phone models, it safely tucks in most smartphones out there
  • Your phone stays dry and safe, so you can focus on enjoying your underwater adventures.


  • Even though the case is waterproof, it might not be the best pick for deeper water dives
  • The touch screen may be a little less sensitive while inside the case

In-Depth Analysis of Snorkeling Dry Bags

If you’re like most folks, you’re wondering, “What’s the big deal about an analysis of snorkeling dry bags? Can’t I just grab any bag and head for the ocean?” Well, you could do that but trust me, it’s like going bowling in flip flops. Let’s dive deeper into this exciting world of dry bags, and see what lies beneath the surface.

  • Value for the Price: What to Expect

Now, diving into the world of dry bags can seem like a trip down a rabbit hole. You’ll find bags that cost less than a meal at your favorite burger joint and ones that will set you back quite a bit. But unlike river trips, where it’s all about how far you flow, it’s all about what you get for. Don’t make the mistake of measuring value by the price alone. It’s like judging a book by its cover, literally.

Think of the SealLine Discovery View. It might not cost as much as some of its more upmarket cousins, but it sure does pack a punch. You get top-notch performance without having to break the bank, kind of like getting front-row seats in a concert without paying a premium. Now, that’s what we call high-value.

  • Waterproofness: Testing the Main Feature

The main feature of these dry bags? Waterproofness. Yes, you heard right. A dry bag’s job is to keep your stuff as dry as the Sahara desert, right in the middle of the ocean. To assess this feature, don’t just take the manufacturer’s word for it. You dunk these bags underwater, fully loaded, and see if they emerge dry. It’s a bit like testing a superhero’s ability – by throwing them into the line of fire, or in our case, water.

  • Ease of Use: Convenience under the Spotlight

Now, ever tried finding a needle in a haystack? If you’re rummaging through your bag trying to pull out your sunscreen or camera, it might feel just the same. That’s why the ease of use of a bag matters. It should make your things accessible, not act like a magic hat where things disappear.

Some bags, fancy ones like the Aleutian, come with different compartments for all your gear. It’s like having a butler to neatly arrange your stuff in perfect order. Ports like the zip lock seals aid in keeping your stuff secure and water-free, while making opening and shutting the bag a breeze. Wouldn’t it be easier if life was this organized and accessible?

  • Evaluating the Quality of Construction

You don’t want to put your faith in a flimsy bag when you’re out in the rough waters for some ocean kayaking or snorkeling. A solid construction is a must for framing your trust in a bag.

The Yeti Panga, for instance, is as sturdy as a medieval knight in his armor. Its nylon exterior is thick enough to handle rocks and tree branches, and even survive the brutal handling of airline baggage claims. With quality construction like this, your stuff is guarded like a fortress.

  • Highlighting Outstanding Features

Each bag brings something unique to the table. It’s all about what works for you. Some bags have unique features, like stout nylon straps, lash points, and sternum straps, giving you a variety of carrying options, while others are all about keeping things simple.

Take the Yeti Panga yet again. This champ has an extra-wide top, which aids in locating small items quickly. It’s a bit like turning on the lights in a dark room, you can see all that you need, without fumbling. These little features may seem not-so-important, but imagine being out in the ocean, struggling to find your car keys. They make a world of difference then, don’t they?

Frequently Asked Questions About Waterproof Dry Bags

1. Is a waterproof bag really necessary for snorkeling?

Waterproof bags are essential to keep your belongings dry, however not all dry bags are born equal. You’d need one that’s waterproof, not just water-resistant, remember there’s a difference. One that boasts of a good secure seal and makes sure you don’t have to worry about your stuff while you’re off having a good time underwater. So, yeah saying a waterproof bag is necessary for a snorkeling trip would be putting it mildly. It’s essential!

How to choose the right dry bag? Well, much like shoe shopping, one kinda knows when it fits just right. You need to know how much you’re willing to stuff it with. If it’s just a few small items, then go for a small one. If you’re packing for bigger items then you need something bigger. But whatever it is, make sure it gives you the best waterproof protection. After all, you don’t buy an umbrella that can’t stop the rain, do you? Same logic! Go for a bag that can give real-deal water resistance – one that’s ready to handle the splash and more.

Keep your eyes peeled for the ones that have an extra secure seal. Those are your best bet when you need your stuff to stay as dry as possible. Make sure it’s durable, because you ain’t buying one every month, are ya? And let’s not forget comfortable carrying options – because, let’s face it, no one likes a bag that feels like a sack of potatoes.

While a dry bag is meant to keep things dry, it doesn’t necessarily mean it can or should float. But remember, we’re talking about the best dry bags out there, right? The ones which swear to keep your stuff dry as a bone. ‘Course, that doesn’t mean it can’t float. It’s just not its main gig.

However, some bags are designed to float, but that’s more like a bonus than a standard feature. The main thing is the bag should keep its inside dry. Carrying your stuff without soaking it is what it’s all about. So, the next time you ask, “Will a dry bag float?” remember this – it might, it might not. But what it will definitely do is keep your stuff dry, and that’s what mainly matters.

When snorkeling, the last thing you want is to pop over the ocean’s surface and spot your important stuff floating away or getting wet because your stuff sack isn’t quite as “ship-shape” as it claimed. Not all dry bags are submersible. Some are just designed to keep stuff dry during light rain or splashes, not if they take a nosedive into the ocean.

When it comes to choosing a dry sack or bag, the choice of material plays a big role. Some think of a ‘dry bag’ and imagine heavy rubber or vinyl, designed for water sports like rafting or kayaking. ‘Dry sack’ might bring to mind a lightweight bag you stuff inside a backpack on a camping trip. Neither perception is wrong, but for snorkeling, you’re gonna want the former – a heavy-duty waterproof bag that won’t blink twice at submersion.

Just like periodically checking your car’s brakes, it’s a good idea to test that dry bag of yours. It’s pretty straightforward. You want to check that the seals are just as chipper as the day you brought them home and they aren’t developing leaks or rebellious tears. You better believe that the ocean isn’t a forgiving mistress if your bag fails the test.

What you can do is simple: fill the bag with air, seal it up, and then apply pressure. If it holds the air without deflating after a while, you’re golden. If it begins to deflate or you hear the tell-tale hiss of escaping air, you’ve got a problem. Time to put that bag into the dry dock and get a new one. Safe snorkeling means dry valuables, am I right?

Wrapping Up: Your Path to Getting the Best Dry Bag for Snorkeling

It’s time to round off our adventure into the world of best waterproof bags for snorkeling. Choosing premium waterproof outdoor gear, especially dry bags, is no small job for sports enthusiasts. It’s a game of understanding functionalities and material choices. The best snorkeling bags are those made from durable materials like 500d PVC and thermoplastic polyurethane, known for their seaworthy toughness.

Without a doubt, the vital element in any dry bag is an airtight seal. It’s all about keeping what’s dry, dry. The variety of sizes, compression straps and potential extras like daisy chains or touch-sensitive screens make them the action heroes of aquatic equipment. And let’s spare a thought for those dry suits – they’re the unsung one piece that no snorkeler would gear up without, akin to a superhero without his cape. So, your path winds toward a trove of aqua-proof treasures. All you gotta do is, pick the bag that’ll ride the waves with ya!

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