Comprehensive Review and Ultimate Guide to Full Face Snorkel Masks in 2023

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Cressi Duke - Best Snorkeling Companion


Ocean Reef Aria Uno - Optimized Comfort and Quality

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Seaview 180 V3 Full Face Snorkel Mask - Panoramic View Guaranteed

Slide into your swim shorts and wax up your surfboard, folks! Today, we are diving headfirst into the splashy world of full-face snorkel masks. Reflecting on the safety procedures of the early models and hopping from island to island to find the paramount snorkel masks of 2023, we reveal tips and tricks that’ll make your underwater adventure a breeze.

Early snorkel designs, although an impressive feat at the time, weren’t exactly top-notch in terms of safety. Minor hiccups occurred, like exhaled air being allowed to circulate inside the mask. Yeah, you read right. Circulate, akin to a hamster in a wheel, leading to risky health scenarios. But hey, that was the past. Innovative designs like the Tribord emerged, offering an exhaust pathway for a snorkeler’s breath. Progress, right?

Featured Reviews of Top-Rated Full-Face Snorkel Masks for 2023

1. Cressi Duke – Best Snorkeling Companion

Score 9OUT OF 10
Cressi Duke

First off the bat is the Cressi Duke. Like cherry-picking the best snorkel mask from the bountiful ocean of choices, the splendor of Cressi Duke rises to the surface. Take it from us; this one is a bona fide swimmer’s delight. Instead of being scared away by that intimidating, larger-than-life design, embrace the space.

The face skirt of the mask is designed for comfort, providing unhindered views of underwater scenery and ensuring it clings to your face like a loyal aquatic sidekick. Swim into the deep blue, worry-free!

Face it, the ocean’s moods can swing wilder than an unchained seesaw. The last thing you would want is a discomforting headband digging into your head while being fascinated with a school of vibrant clownfish. The Cressi Duke offers easy-to-adjust straps serving comfort on a silver platter (or, in this case, a snorkel mask). It’s not just about style; it’s about having a reliably sturdy companion amidst oceanic adventures.

Get ready to paint the sea with envy, as with the Cressi Duke; you can enjoy Nature’s vivid palette with maximum clarity. It’s designed with usability and visibility in mind. Who knew comfort could come easy when you’re frolicking 20 feet below sea level, eh? No reason to fear those depth gages anymore.


  • Larger design promotes better field of view
  • Face skirt ensures superior face fit
  • Ergonomic profile increases comfort
  • Superior adjustability with high-quality straps
  • Unmatched clarity underwater
  • Durable and sturdy to stand oceanic wear and tear
  • Convenient to use for extended snorkeling sessions


  • Enhanced visibility with large lens design
  • Better fit due to the face skirt
  • Prolonged comfort with ergonomic design
  • Durability makes it perfect for frequent use
  • High-quality adjustable straps ensure proper fit


  • Larger design might feel heavy for some users
  • Visibility might get slightly affected in darker waters

2. Ocean Reef Aria Uno – Optimized Comfort and Quality

Score 8 OUT OF 10
Ocean Reef Aria Uno - Optimized Comfort and Quality

Ever dreamt about conquering the seven seas? Well, make way for Aqua-Zorro! No, we didn’t come up with a new superhero. It’s the Ocean Reef Aria Uno we’re talking about! Feeding you the ultimate comfort and quality, this snorkel mask stands high like a lighthouse in the sea of snorkeling equipment. Whether it’s the ice-cold Arctic waters or the tropical coral reefs of the Bahamas, this handy gear assures quality and comfort in every scenario.

It’s the Holy Grail of snorkeling masks, built for the modern-day explorer who loves to take control. Its patented design employs an air circulation system that saves us from CO2 build-up. Yeah, no more re-breathing the air you just exhaled. Plus point? More time underwater, marveling at the world beneath the waves. Not just that, it comes with its own snorkel talkie. 

And did we mention its devilishly good looks? This snorkeling mask offers a spectrum of color options and comes with a carry bag that’s as easy on the eyes as it is on your shoulders. Red, blue, black, or teal, there’s one for every snorkeler out there. Not just that, the fine seal on your face ensures it fits snuggly as if it was tailor-made. Hassle-free, top-tier, grand on the eyes – there’s a reason it bags an “optimized comfort and quality” title.


  • Markedly improved from the Seaview 180 V2 Full Face Snorkel
  • Less breathing resistance than other leading brands
  • Quick-release buckles for the straps make it easy to don and doff
  • Equipped with an auto-draining purge valve at the bottom for constant airflow
  • Includes a GoPro mount on the left side for those underwater selfies
  • The snorkel is very hard to impossible to remove once installed
  • Overcomes the very issues concerning ROPE aptly


  • Designed for less breathing resistance, even compared to other top brands
  • Enhanced underwater visibility with GoPro mount feature
  • Auto draining valve ensures constant airflow
  • Quick-release buckles for a no-hassle experience
  • Successfully addresses ROPE concerns


  • Previous Seaview 180 V2 version showed issues with breathing restriction
  • Snorkel is difficult to remove once installed

3. Seaview 180 V3 Full Face Snorkel Mask – Panoramic View Guaranteed

Score 9OUT OF 10
Seaview 180 V3 Full Face Snorkel Mask

That’s where the Seaview 180 V3 Full Face Snorkel Mask steps in. As the updated version of the Seaview 180 V2 full-face snorkel, the Seaview 180 V3 Full Face Snorkel Mask sure takes a few pages from its predecessor’s book while addressing all its shortfalls.

One significant improvement it offers is reducing breathing resistance – offering you all the comfort while allowing you to breathe like you’re on land. Plus, with quick-release buckles, you’re out of that mask faster than a cat on a hot tin roof. Constant airflow is artfully managed with the auto-draining purge valve at the bottom. Fancy catching a schoal of haddocks on camera, you said? Well, we’ve got a GoPro mount on the left side ready for action.

On the flip side, if you’ve got your heart set on removing the snorkel, you might find it an uphill battle. It’s a bit like trying to convince my teenage son to take out the garbage – nearly impossible. The Seaview 180 V3 Full Face Snorkel Mask sure ain’t perfect, but boy, does it offer you an unforgettable underwater experience.


  • Aria A mask that reduces CO2 build-up
  • Compatible with Snorkie Talkie for underwater communication
  • Air circulation system prevents fogging
  • Includes versatile carry bag
  • Highly comfortable face seal
  • Option for GoPro camera mount
  • Superior Vision range with a wider field of vision


  • Highly efficient at reducing CO2 build-up for safe underwater exploration
  • Snorkie Talkie compatibility for effortless communication in deep sea
  • The unique air circulation system for zero fog disruptions
  • Carry bag inclusion for convenience, just pack and go
  • Offers a face seal that’s snug and comfortable as an old shoe


  • Residents with spectacles might find it difficult to wear glasses with the mask
  • Field of vision might be too wide for some, just like trying to watch a ping pong game from the front row

4. Ocean Reef Aria QR+ – Practically Innovative

Score 9OUT OF 10
Ocean Reef Aria QR+

When it comes to snorkel masks, Ocean Reef Aria QR+ is akin to a high-end Cadillac among regular ol’ four-wheelers. The Aria mask is designed with an air circulation system so smart it would make a scientist blush. So, chuck your worries about a foggy view out of the window. And, oh boy, the face seal is more comfortable than your favorite recliner.

But what amps up the Ocean Reef Aria QR+ game is its Snorkie Talkie compatibility. Think about it; you can yap away to your snorkeling buddy while swimming with Nemo. Now that’s what I call innovation! It even comes with a dandy carry bag spiffier than a three-dollar bill.

The pull backs? Well, glasses wearers might find a bit of a pickle fitting ’em in with the mask. And while you get a wider vision range fit for a submarine captain, it might be a tad overwhelming for some. But ain’t it worth it to watch the underwater world unfurl like an IMAX theater?


  • First-rate snorkel mask with Oxylane Innovation accolade to its name
  • Equipped with a double chamber air vent valve giving clean, fog-free oxygen like nobody’s business
  • Guarded by hypoallergenic silicone lining forming a seal tighter than a drummer’s hi-hat, preventing leaks
  • Packed with a dry top, secure lock snorkel tube to ward off salty water from entering unexpected
  • Comes with a spare ring in case the snorkel head tries to give you the slip
  • A removable camera mount that can brace a GoPro like a belt does a pair of jeans
  • Featuring a 180-degree panoramic view lens for missing nothing


  • Oxylane Innovation Award winner: that’s like being the prom king of snorkel masks
  • Double chamber air vent valve for uninterrupted, clear breathing
  • Hypoallergenic silicone facial lining keep leaks at bay better than a beaver builds a dam
  • Dry top snorkel tube keeping salty seawater from slinking in
  • Comes in four hip colors and three sizes, including an option for the whippersnappers under ten


  • If you’re not careful, the snorkel head can detach. Hence, the bonus spare ring
  • You need to remove the GoPro mount if you want to travel light

5. Tribord Subea Easybreath – Ideal for Travelers

Score 8.8 OUT OF 10
Tribord Subea Easybreath

Now this ain’t your regular Joe snorkel mask. It’s more like a scuba mask, and we’ll tell you why. It leads the pack, booted up with some mighty fine details. This boyo took home the Oxylane Innovation Award, and it ain’t hard to see why. It’s as innovative and fresh as the first guy who thought of putting cheese on a pizza.

A double chamber air vent valve keeps your vision and breathing clear, like a helmet for your face. It’d even make Darth Vader green with envy.

Now the scuba mask has this hypoallergenic silicone lining that fits your face like gloves on a hand. No leaks, nothing. I’m talking bone dry, folks. And then you have this secure lock snorkel tube that’ll prevent the salty seawater from sneaking up on ya. And to top it all off? It keeps the snorkel head from driving off like a teenager with your car by having a spare ring strapper.

If you’re a tech whiz or someone who loves to capture the holiday fun, there’s a removable mount for your GoPro. Now, that’s as handy as a pocket in a shirt. What’s more, you enjoy a full 180-degree panoramic view. You know, like in those swanky stadiums where you can view everything from your seat. Just like that, but underwater. And the best part? It’s available for everyone, from the kiddos under 10 to the grandpops. And in flashy colors, no less!


  • Manufactured by Aqua Lung, a standout brand in the scuba diving and snorkel gear industry
  • Different design approach compared to other full-face snorkeling masks
  • Flat lens for good visibility straight out, albeit at the expense of peripheral vision
  • Lens made from shatterproof polycarbonate, tougher than a bouncer at a biker’s bar
  • Available in different sizes


  • Produced by Aqua Lung, known for creating top-quality gear in the scuba diving industry
  • Different design approach, making it unique among other full-face snorkeling masks
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate lens offering excellent straight vision
  • Dry-top snorkel features make it a reliable companion underwater
  • Available in three sizes, catering to every face shape and size out there


  • Lens design has slightly reduced visibility on peripheral side
  • Only comes in one color

6. SEAC Libera Full Face Snorkeling Mask – Clean Innovation

Score 8OUT OF 10
SEAC Libera Full Face Snorkeling Mask

Let’s dive into the depths of the SEAC Libera, an epitome of innovation and comfort in the underwater realm. This marvel stands as a testament to SEAC’s dedication to providing a cutting-edge experience for snorkel enthusiasts. Prepare to be captivated by its exceptional features and functionality. This baby redefines underwater exploration. 

Combining technological brilliance with ergonomic design, this mask stands tall among its contemporaries.

Designed for unisex-adult users, it embodies the essence of seamless underwater venturing.

Experience the freedom of breathing naturally through both your mouth and nose, all while exerting the lowest breathing effort in its category. This mask allows you to connect with the underwater world effortlessly, enhancing your overall snorkeling experience. The anatomical hypoallergenic liquid silicone skirt is not just a design element; it’s a commitment to comfort and safety. It adapts seamlessly to various facial contours, securing the best possible seal. This innovation translates to a snug fit, a heightened sense of security, and an overall sense of ease.

And you can say goodbye to obscured views and hello to crystal-clear visions. The continuous flow of incoming air acts as a shield against fogging, ensuring that your underwater encounters remain vivid and unhindered. Whether you’re a seasoned snorkeler or a curious beginner, this mask invites you to explore the depths like never before.


  • Innovative dual circuit system for natural breathing and minimized fogging
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate lens offers panoramic, unobstructed views
  • Effortless exhalation and CO2 expulsion with enlarged one-way valves
  • Hypoallergenic silicone skirt ensures a secure, comfortable fit
  • Continuous airflow prevents fogging, enhancing underwater visibility


  • Customizable sizes and striking Aquamarine/Orange color scheme
  • Secure fit minimizes discomfort and water leakage
  • Shatterproof lens guarantees clear, unfogged vision
  • Dual circuit system maintains a dry, fog-free environment
  • Dry-top snorkel design prevents water entry into breathing tube


  • Limited availability of certain sizes and colors
  • Adjustment period for users new to full-face snorkel masks

7. HEAD by Mares Snorkeling Snorkel – The Ideal Underwater Viewer

Score 8.8 OUT OF 10
HEAD by Mares Snorkeling Snorkel

Let’s get into the meat and potatoes of the HEAD by Mares Snorkeling Snorkel, shall we? It’s a whippersnapper among the models on the market. But don’t be fooled; this baby’s got enough jazz to compete with the big boys. First off, if variety is the spice of your life, this might just be the snorkel mask you need. Available in a buffet of colors and sizes, it brings a much needed personal touch to the underwater world. Can’t beat that!

And we ain’t just talking aesthetics. It rides comfortably on your face like a fluffy cloud determined to show you a good time. Built with a panoramic lens, it opens up a vista of the underwater world that’s just too good to miss. Now, there’s peace of mind in knowing that the lens is shatterproof polycarbonate. Think about it; that’s like driving a tank, but underwater!

The dry snorkel makes sure your peepers stay crisp and clear, playing peekaboo with the most elusive underwater critters. Getting up close and personal with a starfish while your face stays dry – it’s the stuff of dreams! Also noteworthy is the dry-top snorkel design which is engineered to keep water from getting into your breathing tube. It’s all fun and games till you have to spit out sea water, ain’t it?


  • One of the newer models on the market
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Comfortable face fit
  • Comes with a wide panoramic lens
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate lens material
  • Ensures the face stays dry
  • Dry-top snorkel design prevents water entry into the tube


  • Caters to individual style with its varied choices
  • Provides a comfortable fit reducing the chance of any discomfort or water leakage
  • Offers exceptional visibility with the naked eye, making it less prone to fogging
  • Maintains face dry, ensuring a seamless underwater view
  • Safeguards from unexpected water entry with dry-top snorkel design


  • Certain colors and sizes are harder to come by
  • Getting used to the snug fit might take some time for those not accustomed to full-face snorkel masks

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Full-Face Snorkel Masks in 2023

Now, listen up, folks, choosing the right full-face snorkel mask ain’t no child’s play. You got to pay heed to many things. We are gabbing about snorkel design and durability, comfort and fit, lens quality, and all that jazz. Buckle in as we are going for a deep dive into the world of snorkel masks.

Snorkel Design and Durability

First on our checklist is the design and durability of the snorkel. Don’t just go picking the first shiny thing you see, people. We don’t want that thing conking out on you in the midst of an underwater adventure. Full-face snorkel masks are real nifty because they let you breathe through your nose and mouth, making it a breeze compared to the old-school, traditional snorkel masks.

However, some people can get a touch claustrophobic with these masks on. Especially when you are huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf causing more sweat than a hog in the sunshine. Just something to keep in mind.

Comfort and Fit

Ah, the glorious domain of comfort and fit. The fitting mask needs to be as snug as a well-fed cat in a sunny spot. It should seal properly against your face and the back of your head. Sweaty straps digging into your skull? Not in our town, folks. You want adjustable straps pulling their weight here, letting you tweak and turn the fit of the mask to your heart’s desire. Think Goldilocks right here, folks, not too tight, not too loose, just perfect.

The mask should feel as soft as a feather’s kiss, keeping you cozy and leaving no room for pesky dead airspace. It’s supposed to protect you, not choke you. so keep a keen eye out for the mask that will allow you to dive deep while keeping the breathing comfortable.

The Quality and Shape of the Lens

Moving on to the world of lens, folks! Now, here’s the bit where older models pull up short. Nada, zilch, nothing on the newer guys. Why? The lens. Seamless like a baby’s giggle and built tough. The lens is not made from tempered glass but is often fashioned from polycarbonate by the high-quality full-face snorkel mask whiz kids. It’s sturdy, safe, and promises a view clearer than the sky on a summer’s day.

But remember this; they are not invincible. So, don’t go dragging them through gravel. And although we have evolved from the older models, keep your mitts off the lens as much as possible. And also, here’s a fun fact. These high-quality, top-shelf lenses come in two flavors—flat and curved. And wouldn’t you know it, each lens type has its own charm.

  • Impact of Lens Shape on Visibility

Plain-Jane flat lenses provide a clear view straight out and, like a funhouse mirror, somewhat distorted views on the sides. Now, where’s the fun in that fellas? Enter the showstopper, the curved lens. It’s like watching life in widescreen mode. A maximum peripheral vision like none other. Remember, folks the shape of your lens might just be the ticket to an enhanced snorkeling experience.

  • Lens Material and Its Effect on Clarity

Material matters, oh it sure does. Quality polycarbonate means a mask with a clear-as-day vision. Now, we don’t want you mistaking a fish for a turtle, do we? A high-end silicon skirt and a top-notch dry snorkel will go hand in hand with the right lens material to provide you with a stunning, vibrant, and crisp view of the fascinating world under the sea.

Fog Resistance and Breathability

We’re steaming into the fog resistance and breathability sector. Now, we know that when you go about your fish-spotting and coral-admiring, you sure as heck don’t want any fog messing up the spectacle. Your eyes and nose need to breathe easy. Well, full-face snorkel masks these days, I tell ya, they’re more fog-proof than traditional dive masks. Can you believe that?

The whole shebang is thanks to the constant air exchange inside the mask when you breathe in and out. It’s like having your personal sea breeze in there to thwart that nasty ol’ fog. And that’s why, my friends, you don’t have the chance of mask fogging like in the olden days. So let’s bid that menace goodbye together with the outdated dive masks.

Floatation Technology and Safety

With so many undersea spots to hang out, safety is a big consideration when selecting that perfect set of full-face snorkel fins. If we had a nickel for each time, we heard “safety first,” we’d probably have a hefty wad of cash. But when all is said and done, safety speaks. First up on the ticker is the flotation technology. Yeah, it might sound like complex mumbo jumbo, but boil it down, and it’s just a swanky way of saying your mask comes with a life jacket – keeping you buoyant and above water without needing to learn to do some Olympic-grade swimming.

The actual fun of snorkeling takes a swift backseat if there’s a hazy uncertainty lingering over clear visibility. And this can happen very easily due to condensation building up inside the lens, often creating some unasked-for fog scene. However, certain products champion anti-fog technology like air vent holes or double lenses, defogging this whole conundrum. So, you can take in the wondrous aquatic show down below without being interrupted by the ghost of a chilly winter’s day.

Value for Money

Next up, let’s chew the fat on what you’re getting for your bread and butter – in simpler words, the value for your money. A good rule of thumb doesn’t connect value with the priciest product on the shelf. A fellow once said, “It ain’t about the price tag,” and, take it from us, he wasn’t just blowing smoke. Some snorkel masks, like what Greatever’s offering, are a testament to that principle – serving up a savory package without thinning your wallet too much.

Their full-face snorkel mask boasts features like a free-breathing dry top system. This razzle-dazzle system separates air channels to maximize airflow and maintain the fog-free state of the mask. The separate breathing chamber sequesters the air we exhale so it doesn’t lead to condensation. It might sound a bit like that PE lesson your gym teacher gave on breathing, but trust us; it’s worth the science class flashback. The mask offers an unbeatable panoramic view, putting the ocean’s magic in technicolor for your eyes only. And it carries a removable camera mount, so you can film your undersea explorations for all posterity. Talk about value!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you wear prescription glasses with full-face snorkel masks?

If you’ve got eyeglasses, full-face snorkel masks take some adjusting. But aren’t all the good things in life worth a little elbow grease? You’d need to look into masks specifically designed for prescription glasses. It’s possible – just remember to breathe through your nose, not like you’re competing in a marathon.

Full-face snorkel masks should fit right in with the rest of your travel gear – especially if you go for models with foldable tubes keeping your luggage neat and travel-friendly. Use their carrying case, and you’ll barely feel them in your bag. As we like to say, breathing through your nose is only difficult when your luggage weighs more than a blue whale.

The simple answer would be ‘yes,’ but the complete answer demands a few more words. Of course, you can wear a full-face snorkel mask with your beard. However, you may have to contend with a few minor hiccups, like a tighter fit and possible leaks. And it might feel a tad cumbersome to have to breathe through your mouth with all that facial hair. So, while it’s manageable, it might feel a bit like eating soup with a fork at first. But don’t let that discourage your inner Aquaman.


The depth you can reach with a full-face snorkel mask depends on the design. Earlier models had a mind of their own, allowing exhaled air to circulate in the mask like some undersea disco party, which could occasionally create some funky health hazards. However, with the right model, you could reach the depths of your ocean dreams, or maybe just a few meters more than with a regular mask – but who’s counting?

You just need to learn to regulate that overflow of bubbles in the mask and voila – no floaty-bubble-head issues. With practice, it gets as easy as riding a bike down a hill.

Full-face snorkel masks aren’t your personal oxygen tanks, and we ain’t exactly fish either to be breathing underwater for long hours on end. But these masks can help you hold your aquatic breaths longer than traditional snorkel masks. Just remember, comfort and safety should never be a cheap seat in the cinema while you enjoy the undersea show.

Wrapping Up

Snorkeling isn’t just for those Brian Lara fitness types, either. If you’re trying casual snorkeling, you can still enjoy the wonderful world beneath the waves with these masks. They’ve got your back, or your face in this case! So, are full-face snorkel masks safe? As long as you don’t play fast and loose with ’em, you’ll find these snorkeling equipment making your underwater adventures pure wizardry. Now, go forth and explore, folks!

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