Discovering the Best Women’s Rash Guards: A Comprehensive Guide

#1 Pick

Carve Designs Kona Rash Guard


Deerose Women's Gradient Rash Guard

Best Budget

Coolibar UPF 50+ Women's Escalante Zip Rash Guard

So you’re looking to shield your skin from the sun, salt, and sand. You’ve dipped your toes in the water and scouted high and low, but you can’t seem to navigate the vast ocean of women’s rash guards out there. This comprehensive guide is your lifeboat. From the nifty long-sleeve rash guard to the swanky crop rash guard, everything’s shipshape and styled to make your decision simple. We’re reeling in brands like Carve Designs, legendary for their killer rash guards, and you bet we won’t be throwing back any small fish.

Breakdown of the Best Women’s Rash Guards

1. Carve Designs Kona Rash Guard: Best Overall

Score 9.2 OUT OF 10
COCOSHIP Crop Rash Guard Womens

Ah, the treasure of our haul, the Carve Designs Kona Rash Guard. It’s as sleek and intelligent as a dolphin but made for human beach bums. This long sleeve beauty is the personification (or rather, ‘shirtification’) of style points, blending practicality with a sense of fashion as effortlessly as flipping pancakes or riding a bike downhill.

Now, we all know you didn’t just sign up for this cruise to get a tan, so it comes with UPF protection too. In the realm of sun shirts, it’s the noble knight shielding you with maximum sun protection. And let’s not forget about the stretch fabric, which is so comfortable that you’d think it was tailor-made with your measurements. The icing on the cake, or should we say, the polish on the ship’s hull? Raglan sleeves. Keep those guns moving without any constraints.


  • Long sleeve design
  • UPF protection offers good sun defense
  • Stretch fabric delivers a looser fit
  • Incredibly soft and comfortable feel
  • Half zip makes entry and exit easy
  • Raglan sleeves improve mobility
  • Bountiful style points with its design and finish


  • Offers superior sun protection
  • Very comfortable due to stretchy fabric
  • Stylish design worth tons of style points
  • Raglan split sleeves allow for free movement
  • Can be worn all day as a sun shirt


  • Runs big, so consider ordering a size down
  • Entry and exit could be smoother despite a half zip

2. Deerose Women’s Gradient Rash Guard: Most Stylish

Score 8.8 OUT OF 10
Deerose Women's Gradient Rash Guard

Next up on our catamaran of choice, the Most Stylish award goes to Deerose Women’s Gradient Rash Guard. This ain’t your regular boring grey naval uniform; oh no, it brings a variety of solid colors, like a fruit salad served in a coconut shell, with a cocktail umbrella to top it all off. Significantly, it’s a long-sleeve rash guard for the ladies about that life, yacht surfing, and wave crushing in posh surf gear.

Its secret is in comfort. Think about your favorite couch. Now imagine that comfort wrapped around your torso as you fend off the sun rays like some badass beach ninja. This comfortable rashguard isn’t just the most stylish—it’s the best sofa example of sun defense attire your hard-earned clams can buy.


  • Colorful gradient design is an eye-catcher
  • UPF 50+ to put the sun in its place
  • Quality blend of spandex and polyester for flexibility
  • Offers quick-drying and wicking stretch fabric
  • Design complements body curves
  • Comfortable choice for long days in the sun and water
  • Affordable yet high in style quotient


  • Superb UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Available in sizes up to 3X
  • Convenient side zip pocket
  • Easy on/off quarter zip neckline
  • Stylish and sustainable design


  • Less coverage due to shorter sleeves
  • Might be pricey for some

3. Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Escalante Zip Rash Guard: Best Sustainable Option

Score 7.8 OUT OF 10
Coolibar UPF 50+ Women's Escalante Zip Rash Guard

When it comes to melding fashion with performance, few can rival the Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Escalante Zip Rash Guard. This isn’t your grandma’s old-fashioned sun shirt. We’re talkin’ superior sun protection that wraps you up like your favorite comforter without turning you into a sweaty mess.

Picture this: you’re out in the scorching sun, your skin screaming for shade. That’s when this rashie steps in, bringing UPF 50+ to the playground smackdown against harmful UV rays. It’s got sizes up to 3X – no one is left uncovered. Plus, that side zip pocket? You can stash your keys, change, or maybe a mini sunscreen tube since you’re such a stickler for guarding against sunburn. So, who said sustainability and sun protection couldn’t be fashionable?


  • Maximum sun protection with UPF 50+
  • Available in a variety of sizes up to 3X
  • You get a side zip pocket for essentials
  • Easy to get into with its quarter zip neckline
  • Short sleeves offer less coverage
  • Premium quality at a premium price
  • Trendy design without disparaging functionality


  • Superior UPF 50+ protection
  • Side zip pocket to hold your valuables
  • Easy to wear with quarter zip neckline
  • Available in inclusive sizes up to 3X
  • Stylish design that doesn’t skimp on function


  • Short sleeves provide limited coverage
  • May be a bit costlier compared to other rash guards

4. O’Neill Women’s Basic Skins Upf 50+ Long Sleeve Sun Shirt: Budget-friendly Choice

Score 9.2 OUT OF 10
O'Neill Women's Basic Skins Upf 50+ Long Sleeve Sun Shirt

Ever heard of sun protection that doesn’t cost a pretty penny, fits just right, and won’t leave you with those telltale red lines from your clothes riding up? That’s O’Neill Women’s Basic Skins UPF 50+ Long Sleeve Sun Shirt for you. It’s like a board shorts-wearing surfer’s dream come true. Except, you don’t have to ride the waves to appreciate it.

The sun ain’t got nothin’ on this UPF 50+ skin guard. It’s the highest rating you can get, and it’s like wearing invisible armor against harmful UV rays. You’re as protected from the sun as a polar bear in a snowstorm. And did we mention it stays put? No embarrassing retucks or readjusts. So, grab your favorite swimsuit or board shorts and get yourself one of these. It’s the best budget-friendly option that offers the most bang for your buck.


  • Stylish crop rash guard with open back
  • Comfortable nylon jersey fabric derived from recycled sources
  • Built-in pads allows wearer to skip the bikini top
  • Perfect pair with Roxy Wavy Babe Swim Shorts
  • Feminine, chic design maximizes style, though at the expense of full sun protection
  • Comfort rating – high
  • Durability good with careful use


  • High comfort thanks to soft, stretchy fabric
  • Stylish due to crop design and open back
  • Built-in pads for convenient wear without a bikini top underneath
  • Made from recycled nylon – good for the eco-conscious
  • Paired perfectly with matching Roxy swim shorts


  • Crop design means less than full sun protection
  • Necessitates careful use to maintain durability

5. Roxy Women’s Whole-Hearted Long-Sleeve Rash Guard: Unique Pick

Score 9 OUT OF 10
Roxy Women's Whole-Hearted Long-Sleeve Rash Guard

Okay, ladies, time to make a splash – literally and socially, with the Roxy Women’s Whole-Hearted Long-Sleeve Rash Guard. This fun and spunky rash guard tosses in a curveball with its chic crop design & open back.

You may lose a bit in the sun protection department with the crop style, but boy, do you more than make up for it in style and comfort. It’s like putting on a jetpack of trendiness. Its nylon jersey fabric is one helluva smooth operator – as comfy as your favorite teddy bear but chicer than a catwalk model. It’s not just from recycled sources – It is, in fact, the captain planet of rash guards. Plus, it’s got built-in pads, letting you have the option to skip the bikini top underneath, giving you a free pass to freedom. It pairs better with Roxy Wavy Babe Swim Shorts than cookies do with milk.


  • Luxurious long-sleeve rash guard made with neoprene
  • Zip-front design for easy wear
  • Fleece-lined interior ensures super comfort and warmth in cold water
  • Offers high UPF 50 protection from the sun
  • Float-on-the-surface buoyancy thanks to 1.5mm thick material
  • Solvent-free glue used in construction ensures maximum care for you and the environment
  • Offers warmth without the hassle of a head-to-toe wet-suit


  • High-quality neoprene offers wet-suit-level comfort and warmth in chilly waters without the inconvenience of full-body wetsuits
  • Zip-front design for easy on and off
  • Super comfortable fleece-lined interior
  • Top-shelf protection from the sun with UPF 50 rating
  • 1.5mm neoprene is a buoyancy maestro, ideal for snorkeling and swimming


  • Price is on the higher end, but hey, we’re talking about luxury here
  • Demands careful use to avoid snags on the neoprene material

6. Scubapro Women’s Pyroflex Hoodless Long Sleeve Rash Guard: Best Luxury Rash Guard

Score 8OUT OF 10
Scubapro Women's Pyroflex Hoodless Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Suit up, ladies, and feel the difference a luxury rash guard makes. We’re talking about Scubapro’s Pyroflex Hoodless Long Sleeve Rash Guard. It’s conveniently free of hassle, unlike your head-to-toe wet suits, because who really wants to wrestle an octopus before they dive?

Made from high-grade neoprene, it’s like wearing a thermal blanket but with more mobility as you hit the chilly waters. The rash guard cleverly utilizes this thin material to offer wet-suit-level warmth. A swim in the Pacific in December? No sweat. (Or rather, no shivers.) It’s got a zip in front – because we all know how hard it is to peel off a tight wet shirt. Did we mention how comfortable it is? The fleece-lined interior takes you straight to cloud-nine cozy town.

It does all this, mind you, while offering top-drawer UPF 50 protection from the sun. The buoyancy this guard offers might just give you a complex that you’re part seagull. And even with all this luxury, it doesn’t forget to take care of mamma earth, thanks to the solvent-free glue used in its construction. If that’s not luxury, we don’t know what is.


  • Presents the UPF 50+ sun protection feature for super excellent cover in the water
  • A go-to choice for flashy activities like snorkeling, surfing or kayaking
  • Comes in a slick fitted design to hug your curves just right
  • Excels in the comfort department
  • Crafty crew-neck design chosen for style and functionality
  • The long-sleeve rash guard provides excellent coverage
  • Lacks variety in color and size options


  • Packed with UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Perfect for a range of water activities
  • The fitted design enhances comfort
  • Emulates style with a sleek crew-neck design
  • Uses the long-sleeve rash guard for full coverage


  • Limited color options available
  • Not enough size variations

7. Kanu Surf Women’s Keri Long-Sleeve UPF 50+ Rashguard: Best Crew-Neck Design

Score 8.2 OUT OF 10
Kanu Surf Women's Keri Long-Sleeve UPF 50+ Rashguard

The Kanu Surf Women’s Keri Long-Sleeve UPF 50+ Rashguard ain’t just a lovely piece to look at. Her charm goes beyond her crew-neck design, that’s sleeker than a horse freshly outta the saloon. Riding high with UPF 50+ sun protection, this beauty is like your own private cool shade, keeping those nasty UV rays at bay. And whether you’re pulling some flashy moves surfing or snorkeling, she’s got your back, side, and front in the water.

And could we talk about that fit for a second? Talk about hugging curves! This fitted long-sleeve rashguard wraps around you, just like a soft tortilla around delicious fillings. And despite all her positives, she’s got a little room for betterment with more color and size options, but hey, nobody’s perfect, right?


  • Very light, only weighs six ounces, lighter than a Sunday morning
  • Comes in a variety of solid colors, from no-frills black to the daringly bright pink
  • Excellent for scuba diving thanks to its full-body design
  • Composed of a powerful blend of polyester and spandex
  • Has minimal seams, making for the best in rash protection
  • Up-to-the-minute design in surf gear,
  • Tight fit won’t charm those who prefer loose clothing


  • Light, comfortable rash guard
  • Has a variety of solid colors,
  • Made for scuba diving
  • Masterfully crafted from polyester and spandex
  • Minimal seams provide great rash protection


  • Lack of loose fit options,
  • The design might not be to everyone’s taste

8. Full Body Scuba Rash Guard Dive Skin UV Swimwear Sport Skins: Best Full-Body Guard

Score 8.2 OUT OF 10
Full Body Scuba Rash Guard Dive Skin UV Swimwear Sport Skins

O’Neill’s surf gear’s the equivalent of an old timely moonshiner’s secret stash. Reliable, sturdy, and quality, you can bet your last nickel on it. The Full Body Scuba Rash Guard Dive Skin isn’t any different from this pedigree. Weighing in at just 6 ounces, she’s niftier than a pick-pocketer at a summer fair. This comfortable rash guard, crafted with polyester and spandex, stretches just enough to take the shape of your unique curves, making you the ‘belle of the beach.’

One can choose from a carnival of colors, from your standard black, a shadow in the midnight, to a glaring pink, brighter than a flamingo in a tutu. Equipped with UPF-50+ protection, it’s like tapping into Mother Nature’s sunscreen. And with minimal seams, she promises the best ‘rash resistance.’ The design might not tickle everyone’s fancy; for those who prefer their clothing loose, this snug-fit gear might feel like a bearhug. But hey, can you really dispute the best when you see it?


  • Snug fit ensures the rash guard stays put during activities
  • Flexible fit accommodates active movement
  • Rated UPF 50, providing top-notch sun protection
  • Flatlocked seams make for smoother textures and less skin irritation
  • Paddle zones are designed seamlessly to reduce chafing
  • Includes a board short connector for secure attachment
  • Though functional, it may not win any fashion contests


  • Snug fit guarantees constant presence during high-energy activities
  • Construction includes flatlocked seams for reduced rubbing
  • Special seamless design in paddle zones for added comfort
  • Protection against harmful sun rays with rated UPF 50
  • Added utility with boardshort connector


  • Lacks a bit in the style department
  • May feel too snug for some, compromising comfort

9. Dakine HD Snug Fit Long-Sleeve Rash Guard: Best Snug Fit

Score 8OUT OF 10
Dakine HD Snug Fit Long-Sleeve Rash Guard

The Dakine HD Snug Fit Rash Guard is your no-nonsense companion during sunny seaside frolicking or intense paddle battles. It isn’t some dainty thing that easily floats away in the ocean currents. No, it fits snugly like a well-made glove. Hook it up to your boardshorts, and it’ll cling to you like a baby monkey to its mama.

Another great thing about it is its UV protection. Our friendly neighborhood sun is always shining, and this rash guard, rated UPF 50, is some serious sunscreen – minus the greasiness. While it won’t win any fashion shows, this rash guard is reminiscent of a utility vehicle. It may not be a pompous display of elegance, but it sure does get the job done and then some. Remember, it’s not just about looking good but also about feeling good, and this rash guard definitely has the feel-good factor going for it!


  • Long-sleeved rash guard provides full arm coverage
  • Thermal protection defends against chilly waters
  • Rash vests designed for unrestricted movement
  • Zip-up style allows easy removal and offers style variation
  • Able to protect your arms from the unforgiving sun
  • Superior freedom of movement compared to thick rash guards
  • Perfect choice for first-time surfers or eFoil boarders to keep abrasions at bay


  • Arm coverage is well provided by the long sleeves
  • Effective thermal protection that fights off cold water chill
  • Grants unrestricted freedom of movement, unlike thicker rash guards
  • Comes with a zip-up design for variation and easy removal
  • Arms are well-kept from harsh sunlight thanks to its design


  • Long sleeves might be too much for some who prefer short or t-shirt-like style
  • Might not provide as much body warmth compared to thicker vests for chillier waters

10. ATTRACO Women’s Long Sleeve Rash Guard UV Sun Protection: Best Zip-Up

Score 8.6 OUT OF 10
ATTRACO Women's Long Sleeve Rash Guard UV Sun Protection

When it comes to rash guards, the Attraco Women’s Long Sleeve Rash Guard means serious business. If it says it will protect your arms from the sun, boy, it sure will protect your arms from the sun! This long sleeve wonder-child is all about full coverage. Imagine a thick canopy of trees providing essential cool shade in a scorching desert. That’s what it does for your arms!

This rash guard also heralds the coveted zip-up style. It’s a lifesaver when your energy’s spent tussling with powerful waves, and removing a skin-tight shirt seems like an Olympic sport. Its thermal protection is up there with the best, keeping away Jack Frost when you’re out in frigid waters. It still offers admirable freedom of movement, putting the kibosh on the common misconception that long sleeve rash guards are restrictive. It’s like having your cake and eating it too!


  • Part of the best rash guards for women category
  • Rash guard set including top and high waist bottoms
  • Fit snugly, ensuring effective rash prevention
  • Stylish cropped rash guard design
  • Effective in protecting your skin from the sun even without a UPF rating
  • Bright colors enhance your beach style
  • Crafted from a comfortable blend of nylon and spandex


  • Strategic seam placement for added comfort
  • Enhances style when wearing a rash guard
  • Good for warm weather with its relaxed fit
  • Effective in preventing chafing when worn as swimsuits and rash guards
  • Works with a variety of swim bottoms


  • Not made from recycled fabric
  • No specific ultraviolet protection rating

11. COCOSHIP Crop Rash Guard Womens: Best Crop Rash Guard

Score 8.8 OUT OF 10
COCOSHIP Crop Rash Guard Womens

Getting a good suntan is nice and all, but sometimes the sun can be a little too hot to handle, if you know what we mean. This is where rash guards come in. And among the cream of the crop, we’ve got COCOSHIP’s Women’s Crop Rash Guard. 

This top’s got more style than a fashion show in Milan, and even though it’s a cropped design, it covers all the right places so you can beach with confidence. Not only is it a fashionable piece of swimwear, but it also provides some level of sun protection even without an official UPF rating.

Constructed from a blend of nylon and spandex, this rash guard is designed to be both comfortable and durable. The strategic seam placement ensures it fits like a second skin and lets you move freely. Though it may not be fashioned from recycled fabric, it still serves its purpose well. If you’re looking for a swim shirt that’s both chic and functional, the COCOSHIP Crop Rash Guard is a pretty swell choice.


  • Skin-friendly nylon and spandex material
  • Designed to fit snugly to promote rash prevention
  • Stylish cropped rash guard
  • Helps protect your skin from the sun
  • Rash guard is decked out in bright colors
  • Strategic seam placement for a seamless experience


  • Comfortable wear due to precise seam placement
  • Stylish design makes wearing a rash guard a fashion statement
  • Its relaxed fit is suited for the warm weather
  • Helpful in preventing chafing when used as a rashguard
  • Compatible with different swim bottoms


  • Lacks a UPF rating for sun exposure
  • Not crafted from recycled fabric

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Rash Guards for Women

When it comes to protective beach wear, ladies, we’ve got to consider a few things. Whether you’re into Carve designs, long sleeves, short sleeves, cropped versions, or full bodies, getting the right fit and comfort is key.

  • Comfort and Fit

The best rash guard is the one you forget you’re wearing, just like the old squirrel that forgets where he hid his winter stash. Fit is about more than just how much tugging you’ve got to do to get that thing over your hips. It should fit snugly but offer the flexibility required for swimming, surfing, or showing off your yoga poses on the beach. Also, look for features that enhance comfort, such as flatlocked seams and paddle zones. Remember, chafing is the enemy, my friends, so designs with seamless construction and a board short connector can be a real game-changer. After all, comfort is king when you’re supposed to be having fun under the sun!

  • UPF Rating

UPF, which stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor, tells us how much of the sun’s UV radiation is blocked by the fabric. Now, imagine stepping out onto the boardwalk after a day at the beach, confident knowing that a UPF-rated garment is helping you minimize those sunburn risks. The Carve Designs Kona Rash Guard is a great example to talk about here, as it emits those surfer’s vibes with its modest style and innovative functionality. Although it’s designed with recycled materials (we salute their eco-friendly mindset), it doesn’t skimp on protection. The top is rated UPF 40+, giving you ample coverage from harmful UV rays. The added bonus here? Unique features like flatlock seams and board shorts connectors prevent any wardrobe mishaps as you hang ten.

  • Durability and Fabric Quality

Speaking of fabrics, there’s more to these rash guards than just looking fantastic on the beach. Durability is key, especially if you’re one to enjoy those rigorous water sports. While the style might catch your eye faster than a beach volleyball spike, the lifetime of the garment rests on the fabric’s quality. Nylon and polyester, my friends, they’ve got your back (literally and figuratively). Why these materials, you might ask? Aside from being the best in backing UV protection, they offer a tight-knit fabric that creates a formidable barrier against UV rays.

  • Sleeve Length and Design

Long sleeve rash guards offer the benefits of protecting your arms fully from harmful rays, while short sleeve or t-shirt designs give off a more laid-back or conventional look. But remember, some might argue that the full-length choice may restrict movement. Remember, though, my friends, this is more relevant to rash vests that provide thermal protection, so there is no need to worry about those arm wrestling matches. So the choice, like those circus balloons you see at kids’ birthday parties, is entirely flexible.

  • Styling and Versatility

When it comes to styling and versatility, it’s like shopping in an all-you-can-eat buffet, you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy. So here’s the tip, look for a rash guard that blends seamlessly with your wardrobe, something like a chameleon, implying the perfect blend of function and fashion. Whether you’re riding waves or lounging by the pool, these rash guards kinda make even a sunburn look chic (just kidding folks, always prioritize safety).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you care for women’s rash guards?

Caring for women’s rash guards is as simple as washing your favorite pair of socks. The key here is to rinse with cold water right after use. Then, gently wash it using a mild detergent and give it a royal curtain call by hanging it to dry in the shade. Most importantly, avoid using fabric softeners like you would avoid salt in a wound. They can mess with the UPF protection, making the little soldier less effective in its war against the UV rays.

Nothing simplifies things like choosing a one-piece outfit, and it applies to rash guards too. Remember, coordinating colors is an art form; not everyone is a Picasso. So, why not opt for a rash guard swimsuit that comes in both long and short sleeves? Let’s say you pick a design that gives off a whimsical feel with its floral print. Practical and artistic? That’s like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Now we get to the real questions that keep us up at night: to bra or not to bra. Well, folks, it all boils down to one thing: Comfort. Rash guards such as the Roxy Whole Hearted may be the best on the market and are designed with not only sun protection in mind but also comfort. If a bra adds to your comfort, go for it. If not, that’s fine too. After all, braving the ocean waves should be about having fun, and comfort plays a big part in that.


Rash guards being skin-tight is not a rule set in stone. It really boils down to you: your comfort and the activity you’re doing. Skin-tight rash guards offer a streamlined fit that can reduce drag in the water if you’re into surfing, while those that fit more loosely can be a comfy option for a relaxed beach day. A bit in between is usually the friendly medium for most – fitting snug enough to show off your physique while not choking you in your own threads. 

A bikini, a one-piece swimsuit, or a tankini can serve as great substitutes if you’re not into rashguards. Make sure to weigh in your preferences, comfort levels, and the type of activities you plan on crushing in the water. Just remember, no matter what you choose to do, moderation in sun exposure is crucial. You don’t want to end up looking like a vintage leather couch at the end of the day. Cheers!

Wrapping Up: Choose the Best Womens Rash Guards for Your Needs

We gave you a ton of options, right? From swanky to affordable, stylish to the rugged outdoorsy kind, and even some environmentally friendly pieces – like we’ve raided every corner of the rash guard universe. Remember to keep sight of what you’re after. Maybe you want something with a bit o’ zing for those activities like surfing, or maybe you just need something sturdy to protect that fair skin of yours. It’s all about finding your perfect match.

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