Discovering the Best Women’s Wetsuits for Scuba Diving: A Comprehensive Guide

#1 Pick

Cressi Maya 2.5mm Women's Wetsuit


Scubapro Sport Steamer 3mm Womens

Best Budget

Bare Evoke 5mm

Hold onto your swim caps; we’re about to dive deep into the world of wetsuits designed especially for women. We have all heard of Fourth Element wetsuits, right? Trust us; they’ve got the good stuff, doubly sealed for maximum watertight reliability. Their wetsuits are responsible for elevating the game with arms and legs lined for smoothness, making it easier than sliding a hot knife through butter to get it on and off.

To top it all, they’ve incorporated this thing called ‘quantum stretch.’ Now, don’t go thinking it’s some fancy schmancy term; it’s just their way of saying your wetsuit will fit like a dream, not constricting or baggy, just snug and cozy. And we’re not done yet. They also excel on the best scuba diving wetsuits front with glued and blind-stitched seams ensuring maximum waterproofness. This guide is gonna lay out all the details, features, and even the downfalls of each of these suits. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Best Wetsuits for Women: A Detailed Review

1. Cressi Maya 2.5mm Women’s Wetsuit – Best for Mild Water

Score 9OUT OF 10
Cressi Maya 2.5mm Women's Wetsuit

Meet the Cressi Maya – your perfect companion for those tropical dives. It’s been stitched and glued in all the right places for strength and durability, much like a superhero’s costume. Forged from high-stretch neoprene, this baby fits better than Cinderella’s slipper.

The science behind it is super cool, too; the 2.5mm thickness, kinda like a cozy sweater, offers that perfect shield against cold and marine life. A jellyfish ain’t got nothin’ on you when you’re in a Cressi Maya. This kit also boasts a YKK zipper that even your butterfingers will be thankful for. Now that’s what I’m talking about!


  • Designed and manufactured in Italy
  • High-stretch neoprene provides snug, comfortable fit
  • 2.5mm thickness, perfect for mild water and tropical dives
  • Seams doubly secured with glue and stitching for added durability
  • Excellent thermal insulation for unexpected temperature drops
  • Eases into the body, fitting like a second skin
  • Back zip closure equipped with a user-friendly YKK zipper


  • Designed specifically for women’s bodies
  • Provides added protection against marine life
  • Stretchable, bodycon and easy-to-wear
  • Durable seams ensure longevity
  • Back zipper allows for a swift exit


  • May not be ideal for colder water temperatures
  • Darker color options can get uncomfortably hot in the sun

2. Scubapro Sport Steamer 3mm Womens – Best Versatile Pick

Score 8.8 OUT OF 10
Scubapro Sport Steamer 3mm Womens - Best Versatile Pick

Scuba gear need not be bulky and ordinary, and that’s where the Scubapro Sport Steamer stands out. Akin to a sailor’s best friend on a stormy night, this wetsuit embraces your figure, giving you both style and function underwater. The super soft neoprene fabric is a silent whisper of comfort against your skin, cocooning you in warmth and flexibility so you can dive with ease.

This aquatic charm has a contoured design, imitating the curves of a dancer and fitting you like a glove. This ain’t no marshmallow snowsuit. It is in every sense the high fashion of the deep sea. The thermal lining is its best-kept secret. It acts as an extra barrier against the cold, as snug as a kitten curled up by the fireplace, making your diving experience super cozy. What’s the price, you ask? Heck, it’s a mite on the pricier end, but for the divers who value comfort and versatility, it’s a valuable investment.


  • Top-notch neoprene material
  • 3mm thickness for versatile use
  • Super soft for ultimate comfort
  • Specially contoured to resemble a second skin
  • Resistant to abrasion, like tough old leather
  • Angled rear zip making donning a breeze
  • Thermal lining for extra warmth


  • Flattering design fit for a starfish on the red carpet
  • Amazing comfort and warmth akin to an octopus’ embrace
  • Resilient against wear and tear
  • Easy to put on, even easier to steal the show
  • Offers exceptional coziness in chilly waters


  • A bit roomy in the chest area, not ideal for the less curvaceous mermaids
  • A tad expensive, but treasures do have their price

3. Bare Evoke 5mm – Ideal for Cold Water Diving

Score 7.8 OUT OF 10
Bare Evoke 5mm

Now for the ladies who love the shivery thrill of cold-water diving, let me introduce the Bare Evoke 5mm wetsuit. It’s so snug and warm, it could compete with a polar bear’s hide. One can’t help but think of this gem as Mother Nature’s own creation, shielding you fiercely in the cold chill of the water.

What this suit offers in warmth, it matches in flexibility. Diving in it is like swimming through silk. It is super flexible, giving you a great range of movement, so you can twist, twirl, and tumble like the most graceful dolphin in the water. Accents like flowers on a curtain, its design is a sight for sore eyes, adding that splash of color to the unforgiving blues below. It’s built to last, too. Durable as a sea turtle’s shell, it guarantees long-lasting use. Higher on the cost scale, perhaps, but with the comfort and features you get, it’s a steal.


  • 5mm thickness for maximum warmth
  • Perfect fit across sizes
  • Super flexible for super-duper stunts
  • Appealing aesthetics for an undersea diva
  • Variety of colors to suit your style
  • Durable as an anglerfish’s jaw


  • Keeps you warm as a walrus in winter
  • All sizes covered from petite to grand
  • Supreme flexibility for deep sea cartwheels
  • Aesthetically pleasing to make heads turn underwater
  • Built to outlast a barnacle


  • A bit pricier than a mermaid’s pearl neckpiece
  • New suits are somewhat buoyant, so you might need a few extra pounds to stay grounded

4. Aqua Lung Hydroflex 3mm – Best for Comfort

Score 9.2 OUT OF 10
Aqua Lung Hydroflex 3mm - Best for Comfort

Now here’s a wetsuit that’s a real pip, if ever there was one: the Aqua Lung Hydroflex. This diving suit ain’t just your run-of-the-mill gear – it’s an ensemble worthy of wonder.

The smooth skin on this aquatic belle won’t rip or tear like regular rubbers do, thanks to the super stretchy neoprene.

And guess what – this ain’t no one-size-fits-all deal. The Hydroflex comes in various sizes, accommodating the unique contours of the female body. And talk about versatility! This tough damsel ain’t just a diver’s dream; she’s a sight for sore eyes too. Stunning colors, oh boy. Doesn’t hurt to look stylish while wrestling with the waves, huh?


  • Super stretchy neoprene
  • Smooth skin zipper
  • Enhanced durability with flatlock stitching
  • Stylish design and vibrant colors
  • Tailored to fit the female body shape
  • Available in various women’s sizes
  • Easily donned and doffed


  • Highly customizable fit
  • Superb durability and resilience
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Stylish and aesthetic design
  • Extra comfort with smooth skin zipper


  • Limited insulation in cold water environments
  • Pricey than other alternative options

5. Mares Flexa Women’s Wetsuit – Best High-end Option

Score 7.4 OUT OF 10
Mares Flexa Women's Wetsuit - Best High-end Option

Step up your diving game and prepare to impress with the Mares Flexa Women’s Wetsuit. This beauty’s not some cheapo off-the-shelf piece. It screams high-end from every angle. Engineered with different thicknesses of that magical neoprene stuff, it’s specifically designed to provide you marvelous thermal protection just where you need it.

No worries about moving like a rusty robot either; you’ll appreciate panels of thinner material placed to give you all the bend and stretch you might need. Plus, with a handy dandy frontal zipper, it’s a cinch to slip in or step out of. Still, functionality doesn’t stop there – a buckle on the right thigh lets you attach a Flexa Smart Pocket or a hood. Built to do the job with flair, this Mares Flexa wetsuit has just the right blend of practicality and style.


  • Constructed with varying thicknesses of neoprene
  • Strategically placed material for optimal thermal protection and flexibility
  • Frontal zipper for easy wearing
  • Right thigh features a buckle for attaching Flexa Smart Pocket or hood
  • Emphasizes practicality and style
  • High-end option for discerning divers
  • Made to deliver superior comfort and protection


  • Strategically designed for optimal thermal protection
  • Enhanced flexibility with thinner material panels
  • Frontal zipper allows easy wear and removal
  • Inclusion of buckle for pocket or hood attachment
  • Stylish design without compromising functionality


  • Budget strains for those on a low-end scale
  • May feel bulkier due to additional thermal protection layers

6. Hevto 3mm Women’s Full Wetsuit – Best Full Body Pick

Score 8 OUT OF 10
Hevto 3mm Women’s Full Wetsuit

Dive into the watery abyss with confidence in the Hevto Full Wetsuit. This full-body charm doesn’t demand you break the bank, but it sure keeps you toasty warm underwater. With its sturdy 3mm standard neoprene and nylon elastic fabric, the wetsuit cradles women of all shapes and sizes, offering great thermal protection and freedom of movement that would put a gymnast to shame.

From a wild tropical waters dive to exploring chilly unknown depths, it stands to face every adventure that may come its way.

Now, let’s talk style. This wetsuit isn’t just a practical part of your dive kit. With its four fabulous designs and colors, you’re sure to find one that suits your personal flair. Getting in and out of your suit? No problem, a rear zipper with a pull cord makes it easy enough to do without spraining a thing. Using this stretch material, the Hevto full wetsuit brings to your diving experience affordable and complete thermal protection.


  • 3mm standard neoprene and nylon elastic fabric for warmth and flexibility
  • Allows unrestricted movement underwater
  • Available in four diverse designs and colors
  • Rear zipper for easy wear and removal
  • Perfect for tropical and chill waters
  • Comfortable fit for women of all shapes and sizes
  • Priced reasonably for a full-length wetsuit


  • Stretch material allows great flexibility
  • Provides thermal protection for all sorts of water temperatures
  • Various designs and colors to choose from
  • Rear zipper ensures easy wearability
  • Great value for the price


  • Not a premium-brand product
  • Sizing might be a bit tricky for some

7. Cressi Front Zip 2mm Shorty Wetsuit Women’s – Best Shorty

Score 8.4 OUT OF 10
Cressi Front Zip 2mm Shorty Wetsuit Women's

Hey there, scuba enthusiasts! Ever heard of the Cressi Front Zip 2mm Shorty Wetsuit? Yeah, that’s the one with the solid rep for both watersports and warm-weather diving. A thin wetsuit, sure, but it gets the job done and keeps that nasty chill off your skin. Plus, it’s double-lined with neoprene; just like your fancy thermos, it’ll keep your body nice and toasty under the sea.

Want to talk style? This bad boy sports a sleek black design with a pinch of pink trim for flair, sure to turn heads whether you’re on the beach or deep-sea diving. Easy to zip on or peel off, thanks to its front zip design. More than that, it features pre-shaped legs for an excellent fit and heightened freedom of movement. Want to level up that thermal insulation? Just layer it over a 3mm wetsuit, and you’re set for colder dives. No need to worry about size either; they have you covered from sizes 4-16.


  • 2mm shorty wetsuit
  • Double-lined neoprene material
  • Pre-shaped legs
  • Front zipper for easy donning
  • Black with stylish pink trim
  • Can be layered over a 3mm wetsuit for cold water diving
  • Sizes available from 4-16


  • Provides sufficient warmth for warm water dives
  • Stylish design stands out
  • Front zipper allows for effortless donning and doffing
  • A versatile piece that can be layered with a thicker wetsuit
  • Offers a range of sizes to ensure a snug fit


  • Might not suffice for colder dives unless layered
  • Styling might not appeal to all, given the female-specific coloration

8. GoldFin 2mm Wetsuit Top Women’s – Top Separate Wetsuit

Score 8.6 OUT OF 10
GoldFin 2mm Wetsuit Top Women's

Now listen here, you must’ve heard about the advantages of getting separates, right? Get this, GoldFin offers a fantastic 2mm wetsuit top here. It’s made specifically for those who are a little bigger on the top or bottom and for the ones into warm water diving. Yeah, you heard it right, warm H2O diving.

This wetsuit top is a smooth operator, made of neoprene which does a fantastic job at retaining body heat; plus, it dries faster than you say, ‘bob’s your uncle!’ This separate wetsuit top offers enough flexibility to stretch pretty much any way you like. Plus, it’s got a rubber seal inside the collar, hem, and cuffs to keep the chilly water out. Sizes? You name it, it’s got it! Up to 4XL, just keep in mind they run a little small, so double-check the size chart before getting one.


  • Perfect for warm water diving
  • Neoprene build for heat retention
  • Quick-drying material
  • 2mm thickness provides flexibility
  • Rubber seal for water protection
  • Sizes up to 4XL
  • Additional matching pants available


  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Retains body heat well
  • Quick-drying
  • Good range of sizes
  • Matching pants for the complete look


  • Sizes a bit on the smaller side
  • Zipper may be a bit finicky

9. Roxy Womens 3/2mm Swell Series Back Zip Fullsuit Wetsuit – Best Plus Size Wetsuit

Score 8.4 OUT OF 10
Roxy Womens 3/2mm Swell Series Back Zip Fullsuit Wetsuit - Best Plus Size Wetsuit

Now the surfers among you may have heard that surfing brands and scuba gear brands don’t usually jive together; it’s like apples and oranges. But the Roxy Women Swell Series is a different kettle of fish altogether! This 3mm women’s wetsuit is planning to shake things up, and let me tell you, it’s doing a fine job!

The soft neoprene suits up the body and upper legs, working overtime to keep your core snug and toasty. Now, common sense dictates we need mobility for surfing, right? The champs over at Roxy, they’ve got it figured out. They used a different kind of neoprene for the arms and calves, you know, for flexibility. And the thickness? Well, chalk it up. It’s 5mm right at the core for that added comfort and 3mm over the limbs for mobility. That’s the best of both worlds, ain’t it?!


  • Prologue 5mm thickness for core insulation
  • 3mm thickness for arms and calves for mobility
  • Soft neoprene for added comfort
  • Back zip full suit designed specifically for plus sizes
  • Chest and back panels contributing to insulation
  • Sturdy design, glued and sewn
  • Suitable for cooler waters


  • High-quality, soft neoprene providing superior comfort
  • Mix of 5mm thickness for body, 3mm for limbs
  • Enhanced mobility with Hyperstretch on limb areas
  • Good insulation with chest and back panels
  • Plush interior sporting additional warmth


  • Size might run small
  • Neck seal could be sturdier

10. Seavenger Odyssey 3mm Women’s Wetsuit With Sharkskin Chest – Top Petite Wetsuit

Score 8.8 OUT OF 10
Seavenger Odyssey 3mm Women’s Wetsuit with Sharkskin Chest

Now, not all wetsuits are made equal. Some wetsuits are made just to cover you and keep you from floating away. But believe me, the Seavenger Odyssey is a whole different animal. Fit is where it earns its stripes.

This Seavenger Odyssey wetsuit is designed with flat-lock stitching (think a cozy insulating blanket that snugly wraps around you). Now, you’d expect a wetsuit of this caliber to have chest panels that can withstand a beating, and let me tell you, this Sharkskin chest panel doesn’t disappoint. It’s built for extreme durability, like a tank. But comfort? Oh, buddy, this thing’s neoprene fabric takes body warmth to a new level while diving in colder temperatures. And talk about a diving gear that’s all about donning and doffing with ease! This number is just what you need for a comfortable wetsuit. But wait, there’s more! Sport this wetsuit alone or layer it under a drysuit for colder water adventures. There’s even a color option for every mood!


  • Petite size for perfect fit
  • Flat-lock stitching for added insulation
  • Sharkskin chest panel for durability
  • 3mm Neoprene fabric for optimal body warmth
  • Easy donning and doffing
  • Wearable alone or under drysuit for colder dives
  • Variety of color options


  • Ideal for petite sizes
  • Exceptional durability with sharkskin chest panel
  • Promotes warmth and comfort with its material neoprene
  • Versatility for both warm and cold water diving
  • Ease of wear and removal


  • Lack of Omnired technology
  • Duratex stretch knee pads not incorporated

Features to Consider in a Women’s Wetsuit

There’s quite a bit to ponder when it comes to selecting the right wetsuit. Like choosing a new pair of kicks, several factors are involved, but it isn’t rocket science. Here are five features to consider in a women’s wetsuit.

Material and Thickness

The material and thickness of a wetsuit are much like the bread and butter on your morning toast – they count for a lot more than you might think. Wetsuits are typically made of neoprene, and if you happen to dive in various water temperatures, you’ll want a range of wetsuits with different thicknesses. It’s like layering up for winter, except in this case, you’re layering for underwater exploration. Generally, the thickness of a wetsuit is measured in millimeters, with options ranging from 1.5mm to charmingly thick 7mm- each suitable for specific water temperatures.

Imagine getting into the water with a wetsuit too thick for the water temperature, it’d be like wearing a winter coat on a summer day. Now, you don’t want to be doing that, would you? Warm water needs a relatively thinner wetsuit with thickness between 1.5mm and 4mm. For temperate water, you can go for suits between 4mm and 6mm. Now, if you are diving in bone-chilling cold waters, a 7mm thick one would be your dear friend. Couple it with the location’s potential water temperature changes, and you need your wetsuit like birds need trees!


A wetsuit isn’t just a suit; it’s an extension of yourself underwater. So, the kind of style you go for plays a role as well. There’s a range of wetsuit styles available, from shorty (also known as spring suits) to full-body wetsuits. Essentially, it’s about picking whatever suits your fancy and, of course, the diving conditions. It’d be like going to a fancy dinner; you won’t be wearing your daily jeans now, would you? You’d dress to impress. Well, when it comes to diving, we dress according to the conditions and the kind of diving we’ll be doing.

Shorty wetsuits are typically favored in warmer waters since they only cover from the shoulders to the thighs. Think of it as summer wear, meant for fun times under the sun. Full-body wetsuits, on the other hand, provide more coverage and are best for colder conditions, much like a cozy knitted sweater on a cold winter morning.


Comfort in a wetsuit is paramount, like selecting the perfect mattress for a good night’s rest. A comfortable wetsuit ensures you make the most out of your diving experience and aren’t distracted by constant discomforts. Who’d want to feel like a sausage stuffed into the casing while trying to enjoy the beauty of the sea? Numerous factors contribute to a wetsuit’s comfort, including the thickness of the neoprene and its flexibility. Remember, everything, from the stitches you sit on to the collar wrapped around your neck, matters!

Thin, super flexible neoprene over joints like shoulders, elbows, and knees adds to the overall comfort and ease of movement. Moreover, thicker neoprene, typically in the torso area, assures both insulation and buoyancy, like a warm, fluffy quilt wrapping you up. It’s all about finding that perfect balance between snug and supple, like fitting into your favorite pair of jeans. After all, overdoing comfort could end up being as uncomfortable as not being comfortable enough!


Okay, let’s talk add-ons. Scuba suits are great, but the full package ain’t complete without some nifty accessories. Got a hankering for cold water diving? You might want to consider a hood. Why? Well, it keeps that noggin’ of yours warm by trapping body heat that usually takes off faster than a hare in hunting season. It’s like having an extra layer of insulation where you need it the most.

Diving boots aren’t just for show, either. Those puppies can make your flippers more comfortable and keep your feet from turning into ice blocks. Glove up, too, for that added warmth and to protect your hands from any undesirable scrapes or cuts. Bearing this in mind, you might want to purchase a scuba suit that comes with some add-ons to save cost or factor accessories into your budget.


When it comes to price, that’s a whole different ball game. Wetsuits ain’t the cheapest thing out there but remember, “cheaper isn’t always better.” A quality wetsuit may cost you a pretty penny, but it’s surely a long-term investment. Consider durability, comfort, functionality, and things that make or break your diving experience.

At the end of the day, it’s all about getting the best bang for your buck. Higher-priced suits often feature superior material, better fit, and added features. But don’t go breaking the bank for the fancy stuff alone. Shop according to your needs, your comfort, and not forgetting your budget. Balance, my friend, is key.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between a wetsuit and a diving suit?

Surfing wetsuits are designed to be more flexible and lighter, kinda like a feather in the wind. This suits the dynamic movements of surfers. On the other hand, scuba diving wetsuits are made to withstand pressure underneath the water while keeping the warmth intact. Is it possible to use a surfing wetsuit for shallow-depth scuba diving? Sure, it is. But it isn’t designed to withstand the pressure and might not keep you as warm as a dedicated scuba diving suit.

2. What kind of wetsuit do I need for scuba diving?

If you’re out shopping for a wetsuit for scuba diving, you need a suit that’s been crafted with scuba in mind. What does that mean? Look for features like a robust body map system, adjustable collars, and an effective YKK back zip. The unique design may also involve a spine pad for extra support and an interior lining for comfort. You might not have ever given much thought to a suit’s stitching, but flatlock stitching provides a higher level of resilience. Your suit needs to handle the pressures and movements involved in diving, just like a lineman at the Superbowl. And let’s not forget, a warm water wetsuit is preferable if you’re heading to warmer seas. So, remember, you’re not just buying a suit but a whole package of features catering to your diving needs.

3. How tight should a wetsuit be for diving?

Finagle into a neoprene wetsuit can feel like trying to squeeze a bear into a kiddy plastic swimming pool. Truth is, your wetsuit should fit you snug as a bug in a rug, but you aren’t supposed to feel like being trapped in an anaconda’s hug.  A perfect fit leaves no sagging or bagging while keeping you warm in the deep blue. So, aim for snug but buff off the chokehold! Unlike surfing wetsuits that are a tad more forgiving, scuba diving wetsuits need to be tight but just enough to let you do the funky chicken if the need arises. Remember, you’re gonna need room to move and groove down there!

4. What is the best wetsuit thickness for scuba?

Straight talking, the best thickness in women’s scuba diving wetsuits predominantly depends on the temperature of the water you’re diving into. But as a rule of thumb, a thickness of 5-7mm does the trick for most dives. These double-glued and blind-stitched seams do a stellar job at keeping your arms and legs toasty – even if everything else is goose-bumpy! Not to mention, they ensure minimal water intrusion, so you won’t feel like you’re sloshing around in a personal pool! The less water that gets in, the warmer you’ll stay.

5. Is it better to put on a wetsuit wet or dry?

Whether you prefer to shimmy into your wetsuit wet or dry isn’t a set-in-stone rule, but generally, slipping into a dry one is less of a kerfuffle. Scuba diving wetsuits, unlike their surfing cousins, are designed to be compressed, meaning they trap a thin layer of water between your skin and the wetsuit. This tiny layer gets warmed up by your body heat and keeps you warm. 

Conclusion: Selecting the Wetsuit for Your Next Scuba Adventure

When it comes to picking a wetsuit, it ain’t one-size-fits-all. Remember, a good wetsuit should fit snugly without making you feel like a sausage in its casing. Take into account the water’s chill factor while deciding on the thickness that you can shake a leg in. Lastly, while jumping into one wet or dry is up to you, just remember to keep it jiggy. All said and done, if the wetsuit fits, wear it and let the adventures roll! After all, that big blue ocean ain’t gonna explore itself, right?

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