Expert Guide to the Best Scuba Diving Masks: 2023 Updates and Reviews

#1 Pick

Cressi Big Eyes Evolution


Scubapro Spectra Low Volume 2

Best Budget

Tusa M1001 Freedom HD

Venturing beneath the surface to waltz with the fishes may be thrilling, but without a proper mask strapped to your noggin, it plays out more like a soggy tango that ends with foggy vision and water-filled nostrils. Fellow underwater explorers, don’t let this happen to you – a proper mask is not a luxury but an absolute necessity! High-quality dual-lens masks and masks with neoprene straps have stormed onto the market this year, touted as must-haves under the sea. They transform diving – no more mask fogging, no hindrance to the mesmerizing underwater view.

Time to strike off ‘Mask Woes’ from your sea escapades with the best dive masks of 2023 that guarantee unhindered rendezvous with Poseidon’s kingdom. If you’ve been wrestled by some cantankerous clownfish or lured into deep-diving with a tenacious turtle, rest assured – these masks have been user-tested for comfort, durability, and design. Rather than narrow vision and leaky equipment dampening your aquatic adventures, with these top-grade masks, you can fully immerse in witnessing aquatic ballet full of vibrant life.

Top 12 Scuba Diving Masks

Shooting on top as cream of the crop, these 12 sparkling gems trudge away from leaky mask woes and teardrop lenses but indulge in panorama-perfect views to enrich your maiden plunge into Neptune’s wonderland.

1. Cressi Big Eyes Evolution – User-Friendly and Budget-Friendly

Score 8.8 OUT OF 10
Cressi Big Eyes Evolution

Fancy basking in the glory hunt undersea? Befitting the name, the Cressi Big Eyes Evolution flaunts big dual lenses that ramp up visibility underwater. Designed cleverly with an inverted teardrop shape, this mask single-handedly endorses your ticket to a grand 360° marine show playing out just for you.

When coupled with finely designed optical lenses, it brightens up each whisper of fluorescence.

Wait, we’re not done yet! The frameless design marks absolute delight with a tempered-glass lens set slightly inclined and shifted closer to your eyes. This adds zest to your delightful underwater view, including a wider field of vision at the bottom. Notably impressive is the Integrated Dual Frame technology that shrinks air space by conjoining two rigid frames, elevating the mask’s performance. Moreover, the mask also provides sweet solace on your endearing visage with its hypo-allergenic soft silicone make. This effectively combines comfort, durability, and quality, settling for nothing less than perfect dives!


  • User-friendly design
  • Hypoallergenic soft silicone build
  • Integrated Dual Frame technology
  • Convenient inverted teardrop lens shape
  • Exceptional visibility underwater
  • Robust tempered-glass lens
  • Affordability for beginners


  • Superb wider field of vision
  • Dual lenses unwrap breathtaking undersea panorama
  • Spacious frame benefits divers with larger noses
  • Employs highly effective anti-fogging tech
  • Economical without sacrificing quality


  • Might press nose uncomfortably, if not properly adjusted
  • Strap’s longevity may turn into Achilles’ heel

2. Scubapro Spectra Low Volume 2 – Efficient Mid-range Mask

Score 8.6 OUT OF 10
Scubapro Spectra Low Volume 2 - Efficient Mid-range Mask

Made for casual and frequent divers, the Scubapro Spectra Low Volume 2, with its mid-range price point, hits the nail on the head. This mask boasts a mix of stiff and softer silicone, making for a snug fit and watertight seal.

A major plus is the option for corrective lenses customized to your eyesight for a clear underwater viewing experience. 

Dual lenses with tempered glass offer clear visuals without distortion, while smaller details are evident in the strap’s swivel buckle system that ensures a perfect fit. For adventurers with sensitive skin, the hypoallergenic silicone offers comfort without irritation. Truly a fantastic combo, melding affordability and comfort into one mask.


  • Mid-level price tag suits recreational divers
  • Push button knuckles attach to a skirt for a perfect fit
  • Dual-tempered glass lenses ensure clarity
  • Option for corrective lenses customize your view
  • Hypoallergenic silicone for skin comfort
  • Adjustable swivel buckle conforms to face shape
  • Broadly compatible, this mask accepts divers with larger faces


  • Solid build and durability within a mid-range price point
  • Dual-tempered glass lenses enhance underwater viewing experience
  • Customizable corrective lenses enhance versatility
  • Hypoallergenic silicone for skin-sensitive divers
  • Push-button buckles ease adjusting the strap


  • May feel bulky on smaller faces
  • The stiff silicone skirt might be stiff before it “breaks in”

3. Tusa M1001 Freedom HD – Offering the Largest Field of View

Score 9OUT OF 10
Tusa M1001 Freedom HD

Boasting an expansive single lens, the Tusa M1001 Freedom HD is like your HD television under the sea. The frameless design and large tempered glass lens sing the song of a wide field of view. This Tusa Freedom HD mask with its super clear lens is like bringing a crystal-clear window underwater with you.

Easy to adjust, hardy, rotating buckles make wearing and adjusting this mask a no-brainer. 

Plus, unlike your run-of-the-mill goggles, it features a specially designed nose pocket, which lets you pinch your nostrils without a struggle, even when wearing thick gloves. The dimpled surface on the inside of the mask to fits relative to the shape and size of your face. Wearing the Tusa M1001 is like strutting the biggest hat at the royal wedding; it may seem a bit much at first, but you’ll love the attention it gets you.


  • Single lens for wide-as-sky field of view
  • Frameless design takes away bulkiness
  • The Tusa Freedom HD mask contains tempered glass for clarity
  • Ease of use with 180 degrees rotating buckles
  • Specially designed nose pocket for free pinching
  • Comfortable fit for divers alike
  • Dimpled surface on the interior for a snug fit


  • The very sturdy Tusa Paragon rendered large field of view through a single lens mask design
  • Strap adjustments made effortlessly with sturdy buckles
  • A tight fit with the Tusa Freedom, which molds closely to the face structure
  • Frameless design permits less bulk and more portability
  • Sleek and comfortable development appropriate for all divers


  • Not ideal for those with smaller or narrow facial features
  • Strap and buckle adjustment might seem complicated to beginners

4. Aqua Lung Impression – Affordable Yet High-Quality

Score 8.2 OUT OF 10
Aqua Lung Impression

Stepping into the world of scuba diving, one quickly learns a mask isn’t just a mask; it’s a window to a breathtaking underwater world. The Aqua Lung Impression pretty much sets an excellent standard here. Rest assured, it isn’t one of those fancy, high-priced numbers with all the whip-doodles.

Nope. Instead, it’s crafted with the latest design sealing itself as an affordable and high-quality mask. What rings its bell? It adopts a genius one-step molding system binding the lens, frame, and skirt into a leak-proof unity.

Helpful as a mole in a garden, this construction cuts its internal volume to a minimum, bringing the tempered dual lenses closer to your face. Scooping out hefty benefits, this offers a larger field of view, improving visibility underwater, curbs the buoyancy factor, and eases the mask-clearing mechanism. Now, ain’t that tickling your fancy for low-volume masks? But hold your horses because this mask indeed brings more to the table, showcasing an adjustable split strap for a snug fit, even with your thick gloves on.


  • One-step molded construction
  • Cost-effective
  • Reduced internal volume for optimized visibility
  • Dual lenses set close to face
  • Leak-proof seal
  • Split strap, adjusts even with chunky gloves
  • Ramps down buoyancy factor


  • Offers large field of view
  • Superior design with close-set dual lenses
  • Adjustable and comfortable fit
  • Affordable yet high-quality
  • Optimal buoyancy control


  • Lack of advanced features
  • Design might not cater to all diver preferences

5. Hollis M1 Frameless – Engineered for Comfort and Large Noses

Score 9.2 OUT OF 10
Hollis M1 Frameless - Engineered for Comfort and Large Noses

Whether you’ve got a beak that would make a toucan jealous or you’re blessed with a snub nose that’s cuter than a pug’s, the Hollis M1 Frameless is your dream come true. This mask cradles a delightful array to cobble together just about any face size. No, you don’t have to crack your skull over getting it to accommodate your features.

It’s just as cozy and as straightforward as flipping pancakes. What truly ups its game are the stellar adjustable straps and rotatable buckles. Suddenly, having a teeny-weeny face or persuading the mask to hug a jumbo-sized one isn’t a gargantuan task anymore!

You see, it’s not cozied up in deep diving sites or buried in sand — this contraption lives loud and grand for sky-high visibility. This unrivaled brilliance is due to its super-grade lens upping the vision game like a buck on a hot corn pile. But, that’s just the cherry, well, the cherry’s cherry, really. It’s got this frameless design working wonders for you landlubbers who love gallivanting around. Just grab it, stow it without fuss, and you’re all set for an underwater adventure!


  • Fits a wide range of face sizes
  • Adjustable straps and rotatable buckles
  • Prime-grade lens for maximum visibility
  • Frameless design for easy carry
  • Easy-to-use exhaust and purge valve
  • Perfect companion in low-light conditions
  • Designed for big noses and small faces


  • Super adaptable to different face sizes
  • Optimized visibility with a premier-grade lens
  • Travel-friendly design
  • Suits low-light diving conditions
  • Purge valve for a smooth mask-clearing process


  • Low volume might not suit all divers
  • Lacks a few fancier squeeze bells and glitter whistles

6. Oceanic Shadow – Specifically Made for Small Faces

Score 8.6 OUT OF 10
Oceanic Shadow

A diving mask that’s definitely keeping up with the needs of small-faced divers is the Oceanic Shadow. This mask boasts a unique frameless design, making it lightweight, neat, and super handy.

Don’t be fooled, though; it’s not all about aesthetics; this design makes it easier to fold the mask into a flat shape, freeing up your valuable packing space when heading out for an underwater adventure. Not forgetting to mention the outstanding swivel buckles it’s blessed with, ensuring a perfect snug fit without stressing your pretty little face. And thanks to its charmingly low internal volume, you can even clean this small wonder effortlessly to have it shining brightly like a pearl from the deep sea!


  • Frameless design that’s super compact and lightweight
  • Perfect fit for small faces
  • Single lens promising superior visibility
  • Low-volume construction for easy cleaning
  • Swivel buckles for a secure fit
  • Neoprene strap for added comfort
  • Incredible performance at any depth


  • Budget-friendly for the quality offered
  • Fits perfectly on small faces without discomfort
  • Sturdy construction promising long-term use
  • Lightweight design, great for multiple dives
  • Clear vision through the unobstructed single lens


  • Lacks notable customization options
  • The strap might require a few adjustments before diving

7. Cressi Panoramic – Offers Unbeatable Field of Vision

Score 9.4 OUT OF 10
Cressi Panoramic

The name gives it all away; the Cressi Panoramic Mask is a scene-stealer with its extraordinary wraparound design, allowing divers to enjoy a panoramic view of the underwater wonders.

A treasured companion for both snorkeling and scuba diving, this mask comes with a fit so comfortable you might forget you were wearing one. The feature we bet you’ll fall in extreme love with is the super wide clear field of vision it avails. Say goodbye to fogging, leaks, or discomfort while you dive and say hello to this mask – your mate to the adventures sunk deep below the big blue.


  • Offers an expansive field of vision
  • Built for adaptability with snorkeling and scuba diving
  • Unique wraparound design
  • Secure and comfortable fit
  • Game-changer in preventing fogging and leaks
  • Promotes comfortable breathing
  • Doesn’t press against the bridge of the nose


  • Enhanced peripheral visibility
  • Comfortable for prolonged usage
  • No irritations or discomfort at the nose bridge
  • Secure fit without leaks
  • No compromise on clarity


  • Might seem a bit bulkier compared to other models
  • Average performance in extreme, low-temperature water

8. Atomic Aquatics Venom – Designed for the Semi-professional Diver

Score 8.6 OUT OF 10
Atomic Aquatics Venom

Pulling out the big guns, here comes the Atomic Aquatics Venom, the showstopper of the best scuba masks. With the same precision and care seen in high-end gadgets, the Venom boasts a frameless design, ideal for those who want a piece with a fluid and sleek feel.

Picture walking out from a grimy bar into a sunny afternoon; that’s the stark difference when you have ultra-clear lenses on your mask!  But, the subtraction on your wallet can be a bit strong because this champ is fitted with ultra-clear glass. 

There’s this thing about the Venom. You can refer to it as the Kraken Aquatics of scuba masks, helping you conquer the world beneath the waves. And no element of comfort and fit, the “secret sauce” in scuba gear, is more important than the air space – with this boy, you get it just right, not too big nor too small; it’s the goldilocks of masks.


  • Frameless design brings style and convenience
  • Renowned for being one of the best scuba masks
  • Equipped with an ultra-clear glass lens for superior visibility
  • Regulates air space for optimal comfort and fit
  • Reveal the mystery of underwater life akin to Kraken Aquatics
  • Skirt made of extraordinary ‘Gummi Bear’ silicone for the perfect seal
  • Its expensive price tag underscores its unmatched quality


  • Boasts a unique sub-frame model for added integrity
  • Sealed tight even with grown mustaches or beards, a rarity in the market
  • Never compromises comfort whatsoever
  • Higher price equals higher value here
  • Lenses offer clarity not to be found elsewhere


  • May not fit the casual diver’s budget
  • Design may not appeal to those who prefer traditional styles

9. Cressi Calibro Dive Mask – Dive Mask with Best Anti-Fogging Tech

Score 9OUT OF 10
Cressi Calibro Dive Mask

Now, you’ve probably seen quite a deal of diving gear in your time, but nothing quite prepares you for the trip the Cressi Calibro Dive Mask takes you on! Armed with the best anti-fogging technology in town, this piece is like your trusty toilet plunger on a chilly winter morning – always reliable.

Not only does this panoramic mask leave the blurry plastic lenses in its dust, but it also scores high for setting comfort and sleek design in an amicable cocktail. 

Tsk-tsk, obstructed views, and foggy lenses make way for a clear field of vision! Sporting a high-quality silicone strap, fluidly molding to the unique shape of your face like a comfortable seal, the Calibro sure knows how to deal with underwater adventures. A variety of colors pops the cherry on top, adding the perfect oomph to your scuba gear.


  • Incorporates advanced anti-fogging technology
  • Substitutes plastic lenses with superior PC Glass lenses
  • Flexible silicone strap tailors to fit any face
  • Promises an unobstructed underwater view
  • Adjustable strap fitted with quick-release buckles attach fast and effortlessly
  • Expansive panoramic mask design allows for an uninhibited view of undersea scenery
  • An array of color choices for the fashion-conscious diver


  • Guarantees an always clear and unclouded sight in the watery underworld
  • Buckles attach securely, ensuring no mishaps underwater
  • Offers a combo of reliability and unconventional style
  • A comfortable skirt that sits seamlessly on the face outline
  • A plethora of color options accommodate the taste of any aficionado


  • Could feel a bit snug for folks with larger facial features
  • Glass lenses, though superlative in performance, might be heavy on the pocket

10. Octomask – Your Companion for Underwater Videography

Score 8.4 OUT OF 10
Octomask - Your Companion for Underwater Videography

If you’ve got a penchant for filming your underwater adventures, the Octomask might just be your new best friend. This unique mask has a built-in mount for GoPro cameras, allowing you to capture every ray darting past or sea turtle swimming by without having to grip a camera between your teeth all day. 

Now, don’t let anybody fool you into thinking that this mask is just a camera stand; oh no! Packaged in a compact, low-volume design, it incorporates durable tempered glass lenses that deliver a broad, unobstructed view. The icing on the cake is the dual versions available, both single and dual lens, to cater to every diver’s preference. This smarty pants mask is easy and comfortable to wear, thanks to a flexible silicone skirt that wraps snugly around your face like a well-tailored turtleneck.


  • Built-in GoPro mount for underwater filming
  • Sturdy construction compensating other qualities
  • Low-volume design for ease of storage and portability
  • Tempered glass lenses for enhanced view clarity
  • Two versions offered – Single and dual lens
  • Snug-fitting silicone skirt negating unwanted seepage
  • Endorsed high level of comfort, prolonging dive times


  • Enables hands-free filming of diving expeditions
  • Choice of single or dual lens per preference
  • Tempered glass lenses render quality, clear view
  • Soft silicone skirt ensures a comfortable, perfect fit
  • Compact design simplifies storage and transportation


  • Lack of color options
  • Camera mount might fault focus regarding visual field

11. ScubaPro Synergy – Best for Long-haired Individuals

Score 7.8 OUT OF 10
ScubaPro Synergy

If you’re of the belief that one of the best scuba masks ought to caress your face like a gentle summer’s breeze, then our pal, the ScubaPro Synergy, is your kind of mask. Don’t raise that skeptical eyebrow now! Let me break it down. This smarty here has Scubapro’s TruFit skirt – a mixed bag of thin, malleable silicone that contours around your face and thicker bars keeping the mask shapely and robust.

Now here’s where you ladies are gonna jump in glee. Our friend, Synergy, has ditched those vexing ratchet silicone straps that bug people with long hair. It’s got these heavenly comfort straps; think elastic fabric that steers clear of your luscious locks yet remains firm on the noggin’.


  • TruFit skirt employing soft silicone adjusting to facial contours
  • Thicker bands maintain mask shape
  • Fabric comfort straps dislodging hair-tangling possibilities
  • Silicone details in the strap advantageous for steady positioning
  • Mask proven to accommodate unisex audiences efficiently
  • Ergonomic design enhancing operational comfort
  • Fashionable yet functional appeal aiding in user experience


  • Contours fit readily to varied facial structures
  • Elastic fabric straps increase the comfort quotient
  • Prevents hair onset irritation due to silicone ridges
  • Uniform thickness increases mask stability
  • Unisex design adds a value-for-money edge


  • Slight heaviness might affect prolonged usability
  • Limited color choices for visual versatility

12. Cressi F1 – Best Budget All-rounder

Score 8.8 OUT OF 10
Cressi F1 - Best Budget All-rounder

For those diving enthusiasts out there judiciously balancing adventure and budget, the Cressi F1 lends a helping hand. Presenting itself as one of the best scuba masks for the budget-conscious diver, the F1 refuses to compromise on quality or functionality.

It’s anything but fancy, yet it does an excellent job in the underwater world. Featuring a user-friendly frameless single-lens design, available in diverse hues, each Cressi F1 mask is held comfortably on the face by a high-grade silicone skirt. The buckles and micro-adjustment silicone strap cinch the deal,


  • Cost-efficient option
  • Frameless single-lens design
  • Range of colors to choose from
  • High-grade silicone skirt for supreme comfort
  • Quality buckles and micro-adjustable silicone strap
  • Crafted by renowned scuba equipment manufacturers Cressi
  • Widely hailed as good value for money


  • Does not create a dent in the budget
  • Thoughtful single lens design for an unobstructed view
  • Innovative bcd pocket embedded in the design
  • High-grade silicone skirt ensures flawlessness and comfort
  • Carries the stylish prestige attributable to the Cressi brand


  • Does not feature tinted lenses, may affect visibility in sunny environments
  • May be less durable in the long run compared to pricier models

How to Choose the Best Scuba Diving Masks

When scuba divers have to pick the best masks, it boils down to considering factors such as individual needs, design, functionality, size, and material. 

Individual Needs

Scuba diving is a personal experience, and thus, the choice of a mask greatly depends on individual needs. An ideal diving mask should have a snugly fitting silicone skirt to keep it air and watertight. The provision for equalizing noses, the lens quality for proper underwater protection, and how firmly the comfort-augmenting strap can hold the mask to the head are other important considerations.

Remember, we’re not chasing mere rainbows here but the profound quintessence of the underwater world. Your mask should not betray you by ignoring your unique requisites.


The design of a scuba mask says a lot about its functionality. Here, aesthetics meet practical purposes. A good mask is not only a beautiful accessory reminiscent of the deep-sea fantasy but also a key tool in exploring the diverse submarine beauty.

A smooth blend of function and beauty, typical of masks that both amaze your buddies and shield your face suitably from water pressures and maybe a confused water-lover bumping around, is imperative. After all, subaquatic wonder awaits us – design your dives right!


Part of what makes some scuba masks hotter than three noon suns compared to others lies in their functionality. What’s a scuba mask without functionality? As useful as a washing machine in a desert, if you ask us! For starters, the mask should have a good efficiency level with regards to airflow – it ought to stream like a swan over the pond smoothly. 

Wiping fog off your car’s windshield each time you exhale, doesn’t sound like fun, right? So consider features like anti-fog lenses. And don’t forget the purge valve that helps to clear water; easy-peasy for anyone who wants to float the river like an old pro!


Fitting a mask is like getting the perfect pair of pants –  it’s got to hug your curves just right. If it’s too small, it would be tighter than a band concert in a phone booth. Too big, and you might as well be trying to fit a circus clown car into a buttonhole – it’s just not going to stay on. Measuring the span from the bridge of the nose to the bottom of the chin helps to sort this out. Get the right size, folks, no ifs or buts. It’s like getting that perfect cat eye with your eyeliner, just takes a bit of precision and patience.


Cotton candy melts, and snowmen don’t summer, but one thing that can withstand water pressure and do its job properly is scuba mask material. Tempered glass windows are the big kahuna – clear as a bell ringing in the mountain air, and scoffing at potential scratches like the schoolyard bully. Silicone skirt and silicone seal are softer than a three-week-old kitten yet tough enough to hold up to pressure. Watch out for cheaper materials! Some might sell you a rat in a cat bag, claiming it’s silicone.

Frequently Asked Queries about Diving Masks

1. What kind of mask is best for scuba diving?

Choose a lightweight mask for your face size that houses a soft nose pocket for adjusting air pressure. Go for one with stability ridges on the strap for a solid hold, affording professional divers the acme of stability. Freedom technology should be favored to allow a fit snugger than a hand in a glove. Keep a peek open for blind spots – your mask shouldn’t limit field view, and lastly, personal preference plays its part from color to design, from silicone material choice to prescription mask requirements if necessary. It’s like selecting your Sunday outfit; it’s got to fit right!

2. What mask do professional divers use?

Professionals usually prefer a full-face dive mask allowing mouth and nose breathing simultaneously, with regulator integration, holding on like an anchor in a storm. Can be more expensive than a rooster at a rare bird auction, but safety’s worth every cent! Every mask landing on their selection shortlist is designed for convenient communication, perfect sealing, reliable pressure handling, and ease of use, even with controlling from gloves on.

3. How much does a scuba mask cost?

Scuba mask prices can wander all over the park like a squirrel hunting for nuts. But in general, a diving enthusiast could pay anywhere from around $20 to $200. Cheap ones can do the job if you’re just starting and need a dependable mask without a ton of bells and whistles. On the other hand, if you’re an underwater Romeo looking for some additional perks, you’ll find premium masks with unique features for a heftier chunk of coins.

4. Is a full face scuba mask worth it?

Think of it this way, full face scuba masks are like bear hugs, wrapping your entire face, letting you breathe through your nose or mouth. For some divers, especially those with narrow faces, they’re a sigh of relief, even worth every shiny penny. They can offer improved field of view, comfort, and keep water from sneaking up your nostrils. But remember, they’re pricier than traditional masks and require you to be comfortable breathing underwater – just like a dolphin!

5. Is silicone or rubber better for scuba mask?

In most cases, silicone triumphs as it’s more durable and flexible. Not just that, a silicone fitting mask better adjusts to faces like a chameleon loses itself in its surroundings, ensuring a watertight seal. However, if budget’s nagging at you like a persistent woodpecker, rubber masks could be considered – they just might not age as gracefully.

Wrapping Up: Choosing the Best Mask for Your Underwater Expeditions

In the deep-sea dance of fishes and coral, picking a steadfast partner like a perfect diving mask can be a game-changer. Whether you go for single-lens masks for unrestricted vision or you’re a fan of frameless masks for streamlined design and lighter weight, your preference is king. Worried about seeing side fishes? Go for masks offering a wider field for enhanced peripheral vision, a bit like a wide-angled lens on your phone camera.

We also can’t forget UV protection, essential for those sun-drenched tropical dives, and the correct mask size. And there are big nose considerations and narrow face ones, too. There are even masks with dark or clear skirts, where a clear model loses the staring contest during surface intervals because it lets in lots of sunlight and glare. In short, choosing the right mask is like fitting the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle – quite satisfying!

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