Expert Review: 2023’s Top Prescription Diving Mask Review

#1 Pick

Apeks VX1 Scuba Diving Mask


Promate Snorkeling Purge Mask and Dry Snorkel Combo Set

Best Budget

Promate Scope Mask

#1 Pick

Score 9.0 OUT OF 10
Best Budget
Score 9.0 OUT OF 10

In the fascinating world of scuba diving, there’s one piece of gear that stands head and shoulders above the rest – the prescription scuba mask.

Going for a swim mask instead of a prescription one might seem like a cheaper option, but trust us, it is no good for diving. Those masks can cause some serious discomfort and even intense pain as you dive deeper. For more on what to look for when buying a mask for scuba diving, keep reading. We have got plenty of options for you right here, let’s get started.

How We Tested the Masks

Anyone can tell you that the mask works fine, but we wanted to be sure. So our team of dedicated mask testers braved the depths and spent countless hours under the waves. We checked out how these prescription scuba masks worked at different depths. We examined how the pressure changed and how easy it was to balance it out by exhaling into the mask. So what you are getting here, is a thorough, hands-on review based on real-life use, not some half-baked guesses.


We didn’t just throw these masks on and jump in the water. We had a proper process in place to test them. We used a range of different tests to match as many different diving conditions as possible. It wasn’t easy, but we’re not in the business of doing things half-way.

Underwater Vision Quality

One of the most important things we looked at was underwater vision quality. After all, what’s the point of a prescription scuba mask if you can’t see the fish? We checked how clear things looked with these masks on. We also looked at how far you could see and how well you could make out things in the water.

Comfort and Fit

Comfort and fit are just about as important as seeing clearly when it comes to a good scuba mask. We have faces of all shapes and sizes here, from large to medium-sized faces. Hence, we made sure to test the masks on as many different faces as we could. We paid special attention to how well they sealed against the skin and if they stayed in place while diving. Because let’s face it, no one wants to fumble around underwater trying to adjust a mask.

Durability and Reliability

Lastly, we looked at durability and reliability. How well did these masks hold up to use and abuse? Did they leak or fog up easily? Did they withstand a bit of rough handling? When it comes to scuba gear, you want something that’s built to last. We made sure these masks were up to the task.

Review of High-End Diving Masks

Diving is not just dipping your toes in the water. You have to get decked up in the good stuff. And a top-notch diving mask can make all the difference in the world. So hold on, because now we’re diving deep into some of the finest masks in the market.

A Detailed Look at the Apeks VX1

Score 9.0 OUT OF 10
Apeks VX1 Scuba Diving Mask

Now, let us tell you about this Apeks VX1. Apeks aren’t new kids on the block, they have been around. They’re up there with the best, known for their world-class regulators. And this VX1 model, it is just as impressive.

Specs & Features

The VX1 is a single-lens design model. It has got these nifty push-button buckles and a comfortable skirt that sits pretty on your face. But the real gem in the lot are the PureClear Lenses. They give you underwater vision as clear as a Bahamas morning. Still, take note, if you are relying on farsighted lenses or bifocal options, this single-lens design might not be your cup of tea.

Our Verdict

Apeks VX1 is a star in the diving mask world. But like any star, it has got its highs and lows. It offers comfort, clear vision, and is quite easy to manage underwater. But the single-lens design might leave people needing prescription lenses feeling a little bit on the sidelines. Balance the pros and cons before cash in.

Purchase Option

Finally, if you are in the market to pick up one of these bad boys, you are looking at a price tag of around £69. Not the cheapest on the block, but with Apeks, you are investing in quality and years of expertise.

Dive Into the Promate Pro Slender

Score 7.6 OUT OF 10
Promate Snorkeling Purge Mask and Dry Snorkel Combo Set

Next up is the Promate Pro Slender. A standout choice for those of us who regularly visit the underwater world for snorkeling or diving. It is special because it can be used by people with opitical needs, such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, and bifocal optical needs. So, let’s get dive into it.

Specs & Features

The Promate Scope Prescription comes with a bunch of funky features. Boasting farsighted lenses, it can quickly become the glasses-wearing diver’s best friend. Not only do these lenses work to improve your vision underwater, but they’re also tailored to your prescription. And just when you think it couldn’t get any better, it turns out there are bifocal options. That means you do not need to be squinting at your dive computer or struggling to study those weird sea-creatures.

Our Verdict

The Promate Scope Prescription is the real deal when it comes to diving masks. It is like someone took your best pair of glasses and slapped them onto a top-notch snorkeling mask. The specs alone are pretty darn impressive, with the inclusion of farsighted lenses and the bonus of bifocal options. In our books, this mask gets high grades for vision correction and dive-readiness.

Purchase Option

Promate Scope Prescription masks are readily available in dive shops and online. Just make sure you got your prescription details right, especially if you are opting for those bifocal lenses. Trust us, you do not want to end up with a mask that gives you eagle vision when you are just trying to look at a jellyfish.

Exploring the Promate Scope Prescription

Score 9.0 OUT OF 10
Promate Scope Mask

The Promate Scope Corrective Mask takes a deep dive the vision needs of divers and snorkelers alike. This corrective mask is great for divers that are looking to accommodate farsightedness and offer bifocal capabilities.

Specs & Features

This mask features tempered glass lenses, making it durable and reliable for the long haul. The skirt and strap are also high-quality, ensuring a snug fit for divers of all shapes and sizes. But where the Promate Scope Prescription truly shines is in its range of lens options. Farsighted lenses? Check. Bifocal options? Double check. If you have got a challenging prescription, this mask may be a godsend.

Our Verdict

After a deep dive into its features, we have got to hand it to the Promate Scope Prescription. It is like the Swiss Army Knife of diving masks. Not only has it got the basics right, but it also includes advanced optical features tailored to divers’ needs. If you need a prescription mask that doesn’t compromise on functionality or comfort, the Promate Scope Prescription might just be your new best underwater friend.

Purchase Option

If you got the urge to purchase one, believe it or not, but you can pick up this prescription scuba mask in many of the online stores. Places like Amazon, eBay and even Walmart has them. Shop around, compare the prices, see if any discounts apply. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you might come across a good deal. Just remember, no matter what, dive safe.

Review: Affordable-Budget Prescription Diving Masks

Believe it or not, shopping for prescription diving masks, is not like buying a candy bar. You have to know the right information. So, let’s get down to the details. Now, they aren’t as hard on the wallet as you might think. We’ll be speaking about a few of them that flaunts quality without putting a dent in the wallet. They’re affordable and they’re budget-friendly.

An Insight Into the Tilos Universal

Score 2.0 OUT OF 10
Tilos Universal Dual Lens Mask

So, you have heard of Tilos Universal? Let’s just say they aren’t about to put Gucci out of business with their designs, but these suckers sure can hold their own. There is not anything fancy about them, but when it comes to durability and getting the job done under water, they rank right up there with some of the best.

Specs & Features

These glasses have tempered glass. It is super sturdy and crystal clear. The frame allows a wide field of vision. The strap is dang adjustable, and pretty comfortable as well. While it is not exactly high-tech, it does come with a neat feature – one-way purge valve, helps you clear out any unwanted water.

Our Verdict

After giving the Tilos Universal a thorough looking over, we have to say – it is not half bad. It holds its own in the underwater world. It is sturdy, reliable and provides a clear and wide field of vision. The purge valve can come in real handy too. And let’s not forget, it is much cheaper than a fancy high-end model. All in all, It is a good bang for your buck.

Purchase Option

Now, if you are wondering where to get them from, they are literally everywhere. Amazon’s got them, eBay’s got them, and so does Walmart. You could probably even find one at your neighborhood garage sale if you looked hard enough. So, go on then, shop around, see where the best deal is. Just remember, no matter where you buy it from, dive safe.

Shining a Light on the IST Search

Score 8.4 OUT OF 10
IST M27 Tortuga Traditional Oval Single Lens Mask
The IST Search has been on the diving scene for a while. And it has steadily turned itself into a crowd-pleaser, especially for people with sensitive skin. This mask is a real magic balm for those with delicate skin.

Specs & Features

What really makes this one shine is the comfortable fit it offers. You put it on, and suddenly, it feels like it has always been a part of your face. But do not be fooled into thinking that comfort is all it has got. It has got more tricks up its sleeve. This gem comes available in several color options, so you can pick whatever suits your fancy. And that is not all. The IST Search also brings a full spectacle of lens options into the mix, catering to nearsightedness from -1 to -8.

Our Verdict

Unfortunately, the IST Search has got some fogging issues that can cloud your underwater sights. Plus, that one-size-fits-all? Not everyone’s cup of tea. But look past that little hiccup, and you have got yourself a solid, comfortable mask that understands your skin better than most. If you are on the hunt for a budget-friendly mask that still packs a punch, then this could be it.

Purchase Option

You can buy your very own IST Search at most online dive shops or your friendly neighborhood dive store. Remember, though, always compare prices before handing over your hard-earned cash. Every penny saved is a penny earned.

Snorkelling or Diving: Is Your Mask Suitable for Both?

Alright, so you got this neat mask. But here’s the big question: Can you use it for both diving and snorkeling? That’s what we’re about to uncover.

The Difference Between Prescription Snorkel Masks and Dive Masks

Now, at first glance, prescription snorkel masks and dive masks might look cut from the same cloth. But they aren’t. The devil is in the details.

A prescription snorkel mask seals around the eyes, and that’s it. A dive mask, on the other hand, seals around not just the eyes, but also the nose. This is because when you are diving, pressure affects the air pockets in the mask, squeezing it against your face. But with the nose enclosed in the mask, divers can exhale, adding extra air to the pocket and equalizing the pressure. The low-volume design of these masks, such as the IST Search, is a real game-changer for scuba divers.

Choosing between these two is not just about comfort or a better field of peripheral vision. It boils down to what suits your underwater adventure best – snorkeling or diving. So if you are picking up a mask with prescription lenses in your local dive shop, make sure you know what you need. Do not go buying a hammer when you need a screwdriver.

Prescription Snorkeling Mask Versus Face Snorkel Mask

Prescription snorkeling masks and face snorkel masks aren’t the same breed. A prescription snorkeling mask is a beauty – it solves vision problems for those of us who wear glasses on land. You swap your pair of glasses for this mask underwater, and you’ll get a clear sight. Promate optical corrective lenses are often the go-to options for prescription bits for these masks. They cater to divers who are farsighted, nearsighted or need a bifocal lens.

Understanding the Pros and Cons

Now, with a prescription snorkeling mask, benefits come in bulk. It becomes a custom prescription solution, fitted for your unique eyes. It boasts a high-quality silicone skirt to fit various face shapes, be it a broad peripheral or narrow face. Our favourite, the Promate Pro Slender, even includes a purge valve. But, be prepared – being the best has its price.

Bedside Watch: Our Expert Take

If you are not one to wear reading glasses, but are still dealing with some vision glitches, a face snorkel mask would suit you well. It has a polycarbonate frame and an anti-fog lens insert that gives you a clear field of vision. Plus, it fits well with a split strap and swivel buckles. Remember, that it doesn’t come with prescription lenses. In summary, the right mask for you depends on your vision requirements and your pocket’s depth.

Customizations: How to Make Your Mask Your Very Own

Do not want your scuba partner to show up with the same mask? Well, you can bypass such an awkward scenario by opting for some customizations to make that fancy mask, one of a kind.

Need for a Prescription Diving Mask-Who Needs It?

The ones who squint around in their daily life will surely appreciate a prescription diving mask. It is like your underwater set of glasses. If your IST prescription or glasses have been your best pals on land, do not ditch them in the sea. Go for a prescription diving mask. It’ll ensure clear vision beneath the waves and save you from clumsy.

Custom-Made Masks vs Premade Masks

We have got pre-made and custom-made options down in the mask market. With a pre-made mask, you dive right in. They usually come ready with optical lenses, like a combo set. But, you might have to adjust to the mask, instead of the other way around. Now, custom-made masks are different beasts. As the name suggests, they’re customized. You get them built to suit your eye prescription. So, the next time you pack your dive bag, throw in a tailored-to-fit dive mask if you want the comfort of perfect vision while diving.

Bifocal Lenses: An In-Depth Understanding

Also known as gauge readers, these bad boys are designed for people who need a little help reading up close. We’re talking about plain glass with a nifty corrective area in the lower section of the window. So, when you are underwater glancing down at your gauges or computer, you would have your reading sweet spot. Now, bifocal lenses may take a bit of getting used to, but once you catch on, they’re worth their weight in gold.

Are They Necessary for Diving Masks?

Do we really need bifocal lenses in our diving masks? It boils down to your personal needs. You see, the mask design plays a crucial role here. If your peepers are perfect and you do not need any help reading those tiny numbers on your dive computer, then sure, you can skip them. But if the opposite is true, bifocal lenses are a godsend. They let you enjoy the majestic underwater world without squinting at your tech. And trust me, nothing kills the mood quicker than not being able to read your dive data down in the deep blue sea.

Our Recommendation

Bifocal lenses aren’t just about clear vision. They also add safety to your dives. No more guesswork about how much air you have got left or what depth you are at. Everything’s at a glance. So, whether you are a scuba newbie or an old hand at this, do not shy away from bifocal lenses in your diving mask. They might just be the best addition to your diving gear yet.

Essential Buying Guide for Prescription Diving Masks

Let’s dive into how to choose the best prescription diving masks. You want something that ensures crystal-clear vision and comfort underwater. You are on a hunt for a mask that seals well, fits snug, and doesn’t fog up. Plus, if it comes with a dry snorkel to keep water out when you dive. It doesn’t stop there. Sit tight as we unravel more must-haves in your mask.

Importance of Tempered Glass in a Diving Mask

Let’s talk about tempered glass. Now, if you are a diver with sensitive skin, you might think tempered glass doesn’t make any difference. But picture this: you are deep under, everything’s dark and kind of eerie, and you spot the most beautiful sea creature ever. Only thing is, your foggy mask is getting in the way of a perfect view. Enter tempered glass. It is your ticket to a fog-free, clear, and vibrant underwater experience. Plus, it is a tough nut, so it is not going to crack or chip easily.

Why Opt for Tempered Glass?

If you are wondering why you should go for tempered glass, here are the top reasons. First off, it is tough. Like, run-it-over-with-a-truck-and-it-won’t-crack tough. Secondly, it stands up to underwater pressure way better than regular glass. So, do not worry about it breaking when you are diving deep. Plus, it would not fog. That alone should convince you to buy it. It feels pretty close to diving with your own two eyes. So, as you’re putting together your scuba gear, make sure a tempered glass mask is at the top of your list. Anti fog is an upgrade worth every penny, trust us.

Top Brands for Tempered Glass Diving Masks

If you are in the market for a pretty decent prescription diving mask, then brands matter. A good number of companies out there make tempered glass diving masks, but not all of them are the best. Looking for a quality one? You’d want a brand whose reputation leaves no room for second-guessing. When it comes down to it, three brands stand out in the business: Promate, Apeks, and Tilos. They have been in the game for a good minute and they know their field.

Weighing the Options: Prescription Mask or Contact Lenses

Why can’t you just wear contact lenses under your regular mask? Might seem easy enough but using contact lenses while snorkeling or diving can be a bit of a gamble. Imagine losing your lenses in the middle of a dive. Worse still, contact lenses tend to soak up some of the chemicals used in defogging agents. This can lead to some real bad moments of discomfort or even lead to an infection. That’s why a lot of savvy divers prefer prescription dive masks. They are a safer bet, and let’s face it, nobody likes a blurred dive.

Shopping for a Frameless Prescription Mask? Here’s What to Expect

A frameless prescription mask operates on the same principles as the other kind. It’s just got a bit more flair. The mask seals around the eyes but also encloses the nose, so the pressure affecting the air pockets in the mask gets balanced out. And because designers had to be extra creative to ditch the frame, these kinds of masks got some style to them. Just do not mistake it for a swim mask. Those are for the shallow end of the pool. A swimming mask only seals around the eyes and that’s a big no for deep dives.

Final Verdict: 2023’s Leading Prescription Diving Mask

After splashing around, we have finally decided. The top pick? From the swanky high-end rigs to the everyman’s budget-friendly options, each mask impressed us in its own way. But, if we had to pick the king of the deep, it’d be the Apeks VX1.

It takes the cake with its impressive field of vision, offering a clear, uninterrupted view of underwater wonders. The comfort and fit of this mask is just like your favorite pair of jeans, worn in just right, and the durability is top-notch. It doesn’t run scared when faced with some rough-and-tumble dive conditions. It is the reliable mask equivalent of a sturdy pickup truck – it’ll never let you down when you need it most.

Attached directly to the face, it directs bubbles otherwise. These masks also have lens options for people having trouble focusing on nearby objects. This post has got all the answers.

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