The Ideal 2023 Guide to the Best GoPro for Scuba Diving

#1 Pick

GoPro Hero11 Black


GoPro Hero10 Black

Best Budget

GoPro Hero9 Black

#1 Pick

Score 8.8 OUT OF 10


Score 8.8 OUT OF 10

Best Budget

GoPro Hero9 Black: Reliable Choice for Experienced Divers
GoPro Hero9 Black
Score 9.2 OUT OF 10
Score 9.4 OUT OF 10
Score 9.2 OUT OF 10

Diving deep into the underwater world always brings thrills and surprises. Yet, without the right tools to capture these aquatic dreams, they vanish into thin air. Think of it as baking a perfect blueberry pie and not having anyone to share it with. Sure it’s satisfying, but wouldn’t it be better to let others know just how delectable it was? That’s where GoPro gets to play your sharing partner. 

Whether it’s the crème de la crème that is the GoPro Hero11 featuring the highest photo resolution, a rocking 23MP, the HyperSmooth 4.0 feature and an impressive max video resolution of 5.3K/60fps, or its elderly and budget-friendly brother GoPro Hero 7 shooting the world in 12MP and dispensing seamless footage thanks to HyperSmooth 2, there’s always something to keep you excited. Divers should really prepare to be spoilt for choice!

The Best GoPro Models for Scuba Diving

1. GoPro Hero11 Black: The Future of Underwater Photography

Score 8.8 OUT OF 10
GoPro Hero11 Black

Underwater adventurers need not look far for the pearl of the sea. The GoPro Hero11 Black dives straight into the future of underwater photography. While it doesn’t come with HyperSmooth 5 as some may presume, due to natural counting instincts (and we have Hollywood sequels to thank for this), the spirit of innovation remains powerfully present.

This Hi-Tech explorer caters to the ever-increasing needs of amateur and professional divers with an array of game-changing features.


  • Upgraded sensor offering new 8:7 format for enhanced shots
  • Horizon Lock stepping up its 360-degree game
  • Friendly with accessories from predecessors Hero10 and Hero9
  • Always ready, thanks to the enduring Enduro battery
  • Professional editing made easy through dedicated software
  • Not necessarily a quantum leap from Hero10 Black
  • Fairly expensive


  • New sensor makes content creation a breeze
  • Improved Horizon Lock expanding creative horizons
  • Compatibility with older accessories for sustainable technology choices
  • Enduro battery keeps you company longer than other batteries would give credit for
  • Editing software makes divers feel like Spielberg underwater


  • Harbors resemblance to older brother Hero10 Black
  • One of the more expensive GoPro models

2. GoPro Hero10 Black: Advanced Features for Professional Shots

Score 8.8 OUT OF 10
GoPro Hero10 Black: Advanced Features for Professional Shots

Lending a helping hand to all divers who are seeking that perfect underwater shot is the extraordinaire – GoPro Hero10 Black. This gadget is akin to a James Bond of the sea. Suitably equipped and ready to plunge into shenanigans. 

Besides its stunning suave of 5.3K/60fps video resolution, HyperSmooth 4 technology, and enhanced color correction for breathtaking chronicles, it allows divers to unravel the mysteries reaching 60 meters into the abyss. Truly, be it shooting modes or continuous shooting, this GoPro bamboozles like none other!


  • Powered by GP2 processor for 2X speed, 5.3K video, and 23MP photos.
  • HyperSmooth 4.0 offers advanced stabilization for smooth footage.
  • Waterproof up to 33ft (10m) for underwater activities.
  • Cloud-connected: Footage automatically uploads when charging.
  • Versatile with over 30 mounts and accessories.
  • Supercharged PowerTools for creative shooting options
  • Capable of 1080p live streaming with HyperSmooth 4.0 stabilization.


  • Offers high frame rates with 5.3K60 + 4K120 video resolution.
  • Provides advanced stabilization through HyperSmooth 4.0.
  • Allows for cloud connectivity with automatic upload for safe storage.
  • Features durability, being waterproof up to 33ft and built tough.
  • Demonstrates accessory compatibility, working seamlessly with various mounts


  • Cloud upload may require a subscription.
  • Some accessories needed for specific features not included.

3. GoPro Hero9 Black: Reliable Choice for Experienced Divers

Score 9.2 OUT OF 10
GoPro Hero9 Black: Reliable Choice for Experienced Divers

If ever there was a trusty sidekick for adventurous scuba divers, the GoPro Hero 9 would likely take the cake. This handy little device delivers snazzy underwater photography and lickety-split frame rates that’d make any sea-lover giddy.

It showcases a swanky 20 MP camera that really brings out those ocean hues in pictures. Its super feature, the HyperSmooth 3 can help capture wicked smooth videos even amidst undulating waters. It’s a waterproof warrior, ready to plunge as deep as 33 feet; you practically don’t need extra underwater housing. Filming gorgeous 5K video becomes a walk-in underwater park with this gear.


  • Amazing 20 MP camera for snappy underwater shots
  • GoPro Hero 9’s Hypersmooth 3 delivers seamlessly smooth videos
  • Highest level of water resistance among GoPro cameras, diving up to 33 feet
  • Exceptional image stability at high frame rates
  • Spectacular 5k video resolution ensuring top-tier video quality
  • Front-facing screen for perfect framing and previewing
  • Enhanced battery life for extended recording


  • High picture resolution showcases stunning underwater environments in great detail
  • Pioneering Hypersmooth 3 stabilization avoids shaky footage
  • Long-lasting battery means less worry about running out mid-dive
  • Rugged durability withstands deep-like-the-ocean pressures
  • Front-and-center display enables dive-selfie pampering


  • Cost may have you scouting piggy banks for some extra coins
  • Additional dive housing needed for greater water depths

4. GoPro Hero8 Black: A Bread-and-Butter Combination of Image and Video Quality

Score 9.4 OUT OF 10
GoPro Hero8 Black: A Bread-and-Butter Combination of Image and Video Quality

Let’s put it this way – when it comes to underwater moviemaking, GoPro Hero8 takes the crown. The Hero8 model is a sleek adventurer’s tool with a camp pack’s practicality.

It brags about its HyperSmooth 2 feature that irons out the judder from your most extreme underwater spins. Aptly fitted with GoPro filters, you capture videos as magnificent or as quirky as the merfolk themselves.


  • Trophy-bearing image and video quality with ravishing clarity
  • HyperSmooth 2 for goosebump-inducing steadiness in videos
  • At the bottom hides nifty folding fingers – easily folds and fits in your bag
  • GoPro filters allow improved color accuracy and dynamism in videos
  • TimeWarp 2.0 for mystical time-lapse captures
  • Status-quo defying features for enhanced recording modes
  • Compact and sleek design that’s easy to bring on your underwater adventures


  • HyperSmooth 2 is a rock-steady mate in tumultuous waters
  • Vibrant visuals with improved color-correcting GoPro filters
  • TimeWarp 2.0 tool creates top-tier time-lapse scenes
  • Slips comfortably in your luggage, no larger than an old pal’s handshake
  • This unit can withstand a lot of water pressure


  • Extra cases are still needed for depths below its underwater limit
  • The old car in the back garage has better touchscreen usability

5. GoPro Hero7 Black: Budget-Friendly Pick

Score 9.2 OUT OF 10
GoPro Hero7 Black: Budget-Friendly Pick

Look no further for affordable underwater fun than the GoPro Hero 7. Much like an eager pup rarin’ to take a leap into the lake, it’s packed to the hilt with features that scream ‘neat as a new pin.’ The GoPro Hero 7 boasts a GP1 processor that beats like a drum with its high-resolution recording abilities.

Y’all can shoot your underwater escapades in 4K videos, thanks to its steadfast 12 MP camera. This translates to video footage cleaner than a brand-new shiny whistle, making your memories as real as can be.

It also has a waterproof depth of around 33 feet. The Hero 7 also sources its props for having video stabilization technology that ensures your footage stays smooth, almost as smooth as butter on the proverbial muffin. Now, let’s dive into the ups and downs, shall we?


  • 12 MP camera for top-notch image captures
  • GoPro Hero 7 equipped with a GP1 processor
  • Smooth and jitter-free footage courtesy of handy-dandy video stabilization system
  • 4K videos that skyrocket your experiences onto the high-def stage
  • Waterproof to 10 meters, meaning shallow dives ain’t an issue
  • USB-C cable for quick data transfers; no dilly-dallying here
  • Lamentably, has no embedded support for attaching video lights.


  • Top-quality 12 MP camera; images clearer than a mountain lake
  • Robust underwater functionalities, swims like a champ down to 10 meters
  • Smooth as silk footage with effective video stabilization
  • Nifty USB-C cable included for speedy data transfers
  • Astonishing 4k video quality


  • Lacks direct support for video lights: you’ll purchase them separately
  • Outdated compared to newer GoPro cameras

How to Choose the Best GoPro for Scuba Diving

Choosing the ideal GoPro for your underwater adventures is like hunting for the perfect snapshot of a dashing dolphin – it requires focus, discernment, and a solid sense of what you’re looking for. Here are some factors you should consider.

  • Budget

First up on the diving board of deciding factors is budget. Let’s be honest; top-tier GoPro cameras can put quite a dent in the old piggy bank. Now, if you’re looking to mingle with the big fishes, like the GoPro Hero10 Black or even the rare GoPro Hero 8 Black, you’re likely to need a rainbow worth of coins. Both are top-notch buddies for an underwater dive, snapping clearer images than a pool-hogging toddler’s goggles on a hot summer’s day, but they come with the price tag of your average microwave or a couple of days at a fancy seaside resort.

On the other end of the spectrum, residing comfortably with an affordable price tag, is the GoPro Hero7 – a jack-of-all-trades among the latest GoPro models that molds neatly into any budget-conscious shopper’s plan. It’s the Cinderella of the GoPro family, boasting specs better than a pumpkin-turned-carriage without the sky-high princey price. Just remember, a smart budget keeps the ebb and flow of fancy gadget spending in check, but don’t scrimp on essentials like adequate waterproof casing, or you might feel like you’ve bought a rubber ducky in a bathtub of crocodiles.

Image Quality

Equally important is image quality. You chose scuba diving cause it’s no cube farm of shuffling papers, so you don’t want your picture quality to resemble one either. After all, every captured swimming sea turtle or coral brightness should be as vivid as the sun bouncing off a lighthouse mirror. Larger numbers on the box may suggest better image quality, but remember your childhood ‘bigger isn’t always better’ Lego tower disasters? Yep, it’s similar here. Picture quality owes more to lens and sensor sophistication than just megapixels.

Guaranteed, snapping up a high-end GoPro with a gazillion megapixels and eye-watering resolution may seem like stepping straight from drab, monochrome Kansas into technicolor Oz, but if you’re starting your underwater photography journey or just want to chronicle your underwater activities without breaking the bank, lusting after a mid-range GoPro might be a quieter road. It’ll give you time to master the art, sort of like dipping your toes in the pool before doing a somersault off the high dive. The thing is, with image quality, making the right choice is as tricky as a night dive in debris-filled water – unsettling without proper knowledge but sublime once you know your way around.

Underwater Capabilities

Choosing the best GoPro for underwater use is like being in a candy store: so many choices and so little space in your dive bag! GoPro’s best underwater cameras are nothing short of impressive. They provide crisp images and videos to capture the mesmerizing marine world in all its glory. Remember that magical moment when a vibrant, colorful school of fish whirled around you? Or that time a playful sea turtle seemed to stop and pose just for your camera? With a high-quality GoPro, any scuba diving enthusiast can bring such enchanted memories from the deep sea to the surface with the best photos you’ll be excited to share on your social network.

Each GoPro does sport its unique selling points. The superlative Hero11 Black outclasses the rest with futuristic underwater capabilities. Picture this – you enter an underwater cave, and a cool shadow falls around you, only to light up with the stunning array of colors on display, all captured impeccably by your awesome Hero11. However, do remember that all that glitters is not gold. Both the Hero10 Black and Hero9 Black may offer lesser features, yet their no-nonsense reliability has made them steadfast favorites among veteran divers unwilling to trade proven performance for fancy bells and whistles.

LCD Screen Preference

Speaking of knick-knacks, let’s talk about the LCD screens. Various GoPro models offer slightly different screens in regards to size to touchscreen capabilities. For some, a large, high-resolution screen is the bee’s knees; the family can gather around and marvel at dad’s awesome dive shots. For others, convenience and discreteness are key. Who wants a ginormous screen when you’re busy floating around, trying not to bump into a precious coral?

Counterintuitively, sometimes it can benefit you to go old school and minimize on-screen usage, especially under direct sunlight. If you like living on the edge, you might even want to go classic or adventurous and grab a GoPro Silver or a GoPro White series model for the novelty aspect. These “good old” versions do not boast of color screens, yet their tried and tested functionalities deliver impressive photos and videos underwater, defying the notion that the latest must be the greatest. Now, isn’t that food for thought?

Your Planned Shots

If you’re raring to capture those 360-degree panoramic underwater shots, the GoPro Max might just be the tool you’ve been craving. When compared to other GoPro models, having a chat about the GoPro Max is like gabbing about a shiny new rollercoaster amidst a park full of Ferris wheels. See, this beauty can simultaneously document everything around you while you snorkel serenely in the deep blue sea. In essence, you’d be akin to an underwater Forrest Gump uttering, “I was doing 360-degree videos while they were stuck with plain vanilla photos.”

With this pint-sized powerhouse, you’ve got the freedom to tinker with different aspect ratios during video editing. It’s like trying out different pieces of a jigsaw puzzle — you’re not only having fun, but also creating your masterpiece. Afterwards, you just pop on the protective housing, which isn’t just a fancy waterproof raincoat for your GoPro; it’s more like the trusted armor needed by knights during a deep-sea exploration.

Deep Dive into GoPro Hero Specifications

You might be buying the GoPro Hero series because you believe it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, but don’t be fooled into thinking these underwater cameras have fewer bells and whistles. Most GoPros sport at least a 12 MP camera that works like a charm, even under the brine, giving them the ability to shoot in 4K. 

What’s more, these models’ video stabilization technology stands testament to GoPro’s knack for keeping things smooth, making y’all as steady as a prize-winning horse, even when you’re frolicking among the fishes. All GoPros can dive to at least 10 meters and as much as 33 meters. While newer models will soon outclass th the current models technologically, here are some specs you can expect from a GoPro camera.

Image Quality: Crisp and Crystal Clear

For those venturing into the ocean’s vast depths, capturing memories of the underwater world isn’t just about point-and-click moments. It’s about the radiant hues, the alien-like aquatic beings, and the sand particles secretively whispering, “Hey, I was here first!” That’s where the striking image quality of GoPro gizmos becomes essential for diving enthusiasts. With epic 4K video and scintillating 12MP still photos, it’s like capturing the marine universe in a magic box.

Imagine witnessing a couple of garish clownfish playing hide-and-seek in the sun-bit coral reefs. Only, this isn’t a dream. It’s unfolding right there on your GoPro’s dazzling display. Trust this pocket-sized powerhouse to flawlessly mirror reality. Telling tales not heard, capturing sights not seen, it’s not water distortion, light filters, or lack of natural light that the GoPro can’t surmount to keep your visuals, as I’d say, “clearer than the conscience of a baby!”.

Functionality: All the Tools a Diver Could Ever Need

Imagine the scenario. Your diving buddy is a hundred feet away wrestling with a colossal octopus, who prefers to treat your buddy as a plush toy, pullulating its eight limbs all around. Your GoPro isn’t just a device but your wand at this moment, ready to immortalize this epic marine encounter. From time-lapse modes, mixed lighting choices, and electronic image stabilization, the GoPros are performance-packed. They’re functional until each octopus arm, err… each camera bit, conveys an allegory of thrilling ocean depths.

No use sporting an underwater camera if it works as slow as a lethargic limpet! Fear not, GoPros respond nifty quickly, exhibit uncompromised reliability, and handle like a dream. Be it a rookie who’s interested in capturing images just for fun or a seasoned diver awestruck by the underwater wonders, GoPro gear arms everyone with more features than marine creatures in a bumper coral ecosystem. That’s oodles of choices, ain’t it?

Versatility: Adaptable in Every Situation

Whether there be sea dragons or there be docile Dory for company, GoPros meld into every situation like watercolors onto a wet canvas. They’re just about as predictable as a sea hare on rollerblades while capturing high-impact, adrenaline-spreading seconds. After all, with the unpredictable deep-sea environment, choppy wave currents, a camera clutched in hands that could be shaking like a salmon’s tail require devices adaptable as a chameleon eager to impress.

Southwest, southeast, surrounded by acrobatic dolphins, or under a beaming sun, with these nifty devices, you keep pace with all marine attractions while adjusting to light variables and shooting modes at will. Be it nature’s costumes or lighting’s moods, GoPros ace productivity challenges smartly, putting their versatility on a pedestal and dialing up funnier than a crab playing hopscotch on a jellyfish mattress.

Underwater Housing: A Layer of Protection

Imagine diving without an oxygen tank. Challenging, isn’t it? That’s like subjecting your prized GoPro to the ocean’s unpredictability without protective housing. Fear not, my fellow adventurous souls, GoPro dances a jig with the underwater onslaught, shielded in its durable, descending-safe housing. Designed to guard, crafted to brave the depths, it’s like a knight’s armor providing staunch support in chaotic battlegrounds, um, water ground in this case!

The materials used are showier than a baby oyster flexing its pearlescent abode. Sturdy constructs, ingenious designs, easy to handle even in the murkiest of waters and colder than a polar bear’s toenails temperatures. The cherry on the wave-streaming cake? These housing gears get along with your GoPro like fish do with water. Secured, safe, selfie-ready. Now, that’s some concrete assurance – a better deal than buying an otter a water slide!

Alternatives to GoPro: The Competitive Landscape for Underwater Cameras

Alrighty then, for the adventurers ready to look beyond the GoPro family, let’s take a closer look at other big cheeses in the realm of underwater cameras. Despite the loyal fan following behind GoPro cameras and their glowing reputation amongst diving shots enthusiasts, the market is not a monopoly. Cameras on the market are like constellations on a starry night – just as varied and breathtaking. Budding photographers eyeing the wondrous underwater scenes have a pick of cameras ranging from the hardy extreme sports models to those perfected for gorgeous underwater shots.

The DJI Osmo Action

In the race for the best underwater action camera, DJI Osmo gives the GoPro Hero9 a run for its money, just like a smaller competitor nipping at the heels of a giant. Offering an attractive price point for value-seekers balanced with major staples of usability, the DJI Osmo weaves its charm without breaking the bank. It’s waterproof up to a remarkable depth, hardier than a stale hot dog! Plus, its picture quality is reminiscent of clear skies on a bright summer day. Indeed, capturing your memories with the DJI Osmo Action surely can add some spice to your vacation snapshots.

Insta 360 Go

The Insta 360 Go, dear readers, is another worthy contender. Now, this baby might make you think of David standing strong against Goliath. Compact and subtle, this game changer is an addition to have by any thrill-seeking undersea explorer. A seamless blend of ease, efficiency, and market-competitive features makes it a valued player in the underwater camera category. Of course, only a head-to-head comparison could divulge the true victor, but having the Insta 360 Go as an option is like having an extra scoop of your favorite ice cream – nothing short of delightful!

DJI Action 3

If you’re watching your wallet but still crave a top-notch camera, the DJI Osmo Action is quite the catch for you. Not every Tom, Dick, and Harry in town can boast an extra front “selfie screen” at an appealing price point. Although it may lack advanced frills like the GoPro’s Horizon Lock or Hindsight, it takes the cake with sharp photo and video quality. It even pulls its weight when it comes to being waterproof, with a stellar depth of 36 feet compared to GoPro Hero9’s 33 feet. But don’t expect it to keep going like the Energizer Bunny, as its battery life is famously known to tap out sooner than its action-camera competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you carry a GoPro while scuba diving?

Turning your GoPro into your ride-or-die while scuba diving is easy peasy. You can either clutch it close to your heart via its lanyard or house it in the haven of your BCD pocket. Illuminating your underwater chapters with LED lights attached to your GoPro Hero9 can work like a dream, leading you to capture crystal clear shots even in the darkest of Swiss Chocolate-like ocean depths.

Consider the ocean as a canvas begging for an artist’s touch, and voilà, the GoPro Hero9 steps up as that master artist. Known to be the crème de la crème action camera for ocean delights, it whips up a combination of astounding 20 MP photo resolution and striking video quality consistently humming at 60fps. This underwater Leonardo da Vinci spins magic even in the unforgiving waves.

If diving into the deep blue ocean with a GoPro is your cup o’ joe, there are a couple of tricks up your sleeve. Usually, a GoPro camera is waterproof up to 33 feet. But, if you fancy playing Jacques Cousteau and braving the waters beyond, a protective housing layer can be your knight in shining armor. Remember to back up your adventures on a reliable memory card and seal it safely inside your buoyancy control device (BCD) pocket to avoid it getting carried away by mischievous waves.


This charismatic device is versatile enough to be around your wrist or shine like a celebrity on your dive helmet. The gift of relishing your underwater shenanigans later can be a unique thrill, and mounting your GoPro Hero9 in a third-person perspective can spice things up. It enables the capture of sneaky eels to flamboyant clownfish on your underwater photos and videos. So, go wild like Tarzan and use every precious inch of sea real estate to capture your best footage underwater with your GoPro.

Final Verdict: Making the Most of Your Underwater Adventures With GoPro

Think of this as your ultimate guide to appreciating the joys of sub-aquatic escapades with a GoPro in tow. You don’t have to be Ansel Adams to capture the sheer beauty of the underwater marvels. The brilliant aquatic colors and textures brought to life in your diving shots are the stars of the show, and you don’t need to bother much beyond simply pushing a button. Remember, darling, it’s the cinematographer, not the actor, who gets credit for that magical sunrise scene.

Of all the underwater cameras on the market, GoPro cameras undoubtedly shine the brightest in the constellation. Their unmistakable charm lies in their tough-as-nails bodies, outstanding video mode capabilities specifically designed for shooting underwater video, and versatility to adapt to any conditions. Imagine wearing a hat, sunglasses, lip balm, and carrying a beach umbrella all at once – that’s your GoPro, always ready for action. During your surface interval, flip through the unbelievable imagery you have captured and breathe easy, knowing your GoPro won’t let you miss a moment. Next time you want to head out on an underwater dive, remember you’re only as good as your equipment. Whip out your GoPro and let the good times roll!

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