Unveiling the Best Freediving Mask for 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

#1 Pick

AQUALUNG Micromask X


Cressi NANO

Best Budget

Scuba Choice Low Volume Black Silicone Mask

For those who love the thrill of diving into the ocean’s depths without the burden of an air tank, a good freediving mask is like a trusted sidekick. It’s the unsung hero of every freediver’s adventures, providing a window to the underwater world. With the right mask lens in place, divers can witness the vibrant colors of the sea life and the undulating patterns of the corals with crystal clarity.

Furthermore, a good fit and comfortable design are significant factors when it comes to the best freediving masks. The mask should gently compress against your face as you dive deeper, maintaining a secure and watertight seal. This ensures that you don’t have to deal with the annoyance of water leaking into your mask while you’re trying to enjoy the serenity of the underwater world.

Introductory Overview – What Makes Freediving Mask Essential

The world of freediving is all about the thrill of exploring the ocean on a single breath. It’s an exciting yet demanding sport that requires meticulous attention to gear, especially the freediving mask. The Aqua Lung Sphera Mask, for instance, is designed with an incredibly low air volume between the mask lens and your face. This design reduces the amount of air required to equalize as you descend.

Moreover, the mask’s design is all about efficiency. With less air to equalize, more oxygen is saved in your lungs, allowing you to dive to greater depths. Soft silicone used in the mask compresses comfortably against your face as you dive, ensuring a water-tight seal. This prevents water from leaking into your mask and disrupting your tranquil dive.

One thing to note, however, is the importance of peripheral vision. Some masks, particularly those with protective skirts to shield your eyes from the sun’s glare, might slightly reduce your field of view. If enhanced peripheral vision is crucial for your diving adventure, consider opting for a clear-skirt mask, though be prepared for a bit more sunshine in your eyes.

Decoding the Specifics of Freediving Masks

When it comes to freediving, gear is key. And at the top of that gear list, folks, is the all-important freediving mask. Now, a mask ain’t just about keeping water out of your eyes and nose. It’s a crucial piece of equipment that can make or break your freediving experience. You hear me?

The right mask can literally be the difference between a comfortable, safe dive and a trip to the emergency room. So, it’s worth taking the time to understand what makes a great freediving mask and how to choose the right one for you. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Emphasizing the Volume – Role of Low-Volume Masks

First up, let’s talk about volume. In this case, volume refers to the amount of air inside the mask. The Aqua Lung Sphera Mask, for example, is a standout in the low-volume category. It’s got a minimal amount of air between your face and the lenses, which is a big deal in a freediving mask.

But there’s more to these low-volume masks than just air volume. A quality mask, like the Sphera, will also feature a soft silicone skirt. This compresses against your face as you dive, making a tight seal that keeps the water out.

Magnifying the Importance of Comfort and Fit

Now, onto comfort and fit. You wouldn’t wear shoes that are too tight, would you? Same goes for a freediving mask. A mask that fits well and feels comfortable can make all the difference in your diving experience. Just like a good wetsuit, a well-fitting mask keeps you warm and protected from the elements, but without making you feel like you’re being squished.

As a professional diver would tell you, it’s all about finding the right balance. If a mask is too loose, it’ll let water in. Too tight, and it’ll give you a headache or leave marks on your face. So, take the time to try out different masks and find one that feels just right on your face.

Dive into the Design Elements- From Streamlining to Efficiency

What’s the big deal with these freediving masks anyway, you ask? Well, each one is like a miniature work of art, designed with a couple of big goals in mind – reducing drag and getting as streamlined as possible. It’s all about making you slip through the water like a hot knife through butter. To achieve this streamlined design, sometimes they have to make a few sacrifices. For instance, the frames, the strap buckles, they might be a little smaller than you’d normally see.

Bringing Clarity With Lenses- Single or Double Paned?

Okay, so you’ve got the fit, you’ve figured out the design. Now let’s talk about what you’re actually going to be looking through – the lenses. You’ve got two main options here: single or double paned. Now, there’s a bunch of folks out there who swear by mirrored lenses for their freediving masks. The reason? They hide your eyes from all those curious fish and other sea creatures. It’s like wearing sunglasses underwater. Super handy if you’re thinking about trying spearfishing, or if you simply don’t want to draw attention to yourself.

1. AQUALUNG Micromask X – A Favorite Among Professionals

Score 7.2 OUT OF 10

Alright, let’s cut to the chase. You’re looking for a freediving mask that’s worth your hard-earned cash, right? Well, take a look at AQUALUNG Micromask X. This baby’s a hot favorite among professionals and there’s a reason why. It’s like the Superman of masks: virtually indestructible. Yep, you heard it right. This mask is as tough as they come.

Now, don’t you just hate it when a mask doesn’t fit right? It can spoil the entire experience. But with the AQUALUNG Micromask X, you’re in for a treat. Its comfortable fit is something to write home about. It’s like a cozy armchair for your face, fitting snugly without causing any discomfort. Plus, its streamlined design means it cuts through the water like a hot knife through butter. Just imagine feeling like Aquaman as you glide through the ocean!


  • Virtually indestructible- this mask is built tougher than a pick-up truck
  • Exceptional field of vision- like looking through a panoramic window
  • Comfortable fit- wears as easily as your favorite pair of jeans
  • Streamlined design- sleek and smooth, just like a dolphin
  • Color variety- pick a color that matches your style or mood.


  • Pricier than a night out in the town- hits the wallet a bit hard.
  • Not great for narrow face shapes.

2. Cressi NANO – High Ratings for Advanced Freediving

Score 9OUT OF 10
Cressi NANO

Let’s move on to another gem in the world of freediving masks – the Cressi NANO. This mask is like the perfect blend of old and new. It’s got a classic look, reminding you of the traditional line of freediving masks. But don’t let that fool you. It’s packed with modern design elements to cater to the needs of advanced divers.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “But what about the fit?” Good question. The Cressi NANO is especially designed for small to medium-faced divers. It fits snugly and the frame is small, making it easy to compensate. Plus, it’s equipped with virtually indestructible buckles. So, no worries about breaking it during your underwater adventures. And let’s not forget the lenses – the inverted teardrop lenses of the Cressi NANO provide excellent view. They’re like your underwater binoculars!

But there’s more. The Cressi NANO also features mirrored lenses for sun protection. Now, isn’t that a nice touch? You can enjoy the thrill of freediving without worrying about the sun’s harsh rays. And did I mention how it compares to the AQUALUNG Micromask? Well, it holds its own pretty well. So, if you’re an advanced diver, the Cressi NANO is definitely worth a shot.


  • Classic meets modern- the Cressi NANO sports a timeless design with a contemporary edge
  • Better coverage and seal- the mask’s softer skirt sits well on the diver’s face
  • Low volume- is easier to compensate
  • Tough as nails buckles- they’re virtually indestructible


  • Despite the high-quality reputation of Cressi, the Nano has a slightly stiffer skirt which can be uncomfortable during longer durations underwater.
  • Compared to masks like the Aqualung Micromask, it doesn’t offer a wide field of vision which might limit the user’s underwater viewing experience.

3. Scuba Choice Low Volume Black Silicone Mask– Championing Affordability

Score 9OUT OF 10
Scuba Choice Low Volume Black Silicone Mask

Alright, let’s talk about the Scuba Choice Low Volume Black Silicone Mask. Now, this one’s ideal for those on a budget. But don’t think for a moment that it compromises on quality. On the contrary, it feels high quality and offers a wide field of vision. Plus, it’s perfect for those with smaller faces. The best part? It’s as cheap as chips.

A standout feature of this mask is its nose pocket. It allows you to pinch your nose easily, which is crucial for equalizing pressure while diving. Also, the silicon skirt adds to the comfort and fit of the mask. It’s like a soft cushion for your face, making sure you can focus on the sea life rather than your mask.


  • Highly affordable – it provides excellent value for money.
  • Wide field of vision – good for underwater exploration.
  • Durable and high-quality construction – great fit even for smaller faces.
  • Easy-access nose pocket – making pressure equalization simple.
  • Low profile design – maintains more air in your lungs while diving.


  • Tends to run a bit narrow – may not be a perfect fit for all face shapes.
  • Only available in black – lack of color choices may not appeal to some divers.

4. Tilos Spawn– An Excellent Choice for All Face Shapes

Score 7.8 OUT OF 10
Tilos Spawn

For all y’all folks with different face shapes, the Tilos Spawn is a topnotch choice. No more fretting about finding a mask that caters to your unique facial structure. With its innovative design, this mask is a real crowd-pleaser, fitting snugly on all kinds of face shapes, be it round, oval, or square. Ain’t that something?

But it ain’t just about the versatility. The Tilos Spawn ticks all the boxes in terms of comfort and visibility too. Crafted with anti-fog and shatter-resistant tempered glass, it provides clear vision for your underwater adventures, without any pesky fogging issues. Plus, it’s a low-volume mask, which means less water to clear and easier equalization- a big plus for freediving, if you ask me.


  • Designed with a dang thoughtful attention to detail, perfect for them underwater adventures.
  • Guess what? It’s got dual frame technology. Now, I don’t know everything about this fancy lingo, but it sounds like a good thing to me!
  • It’s chuck-full with high-quality silicone. No cheap plastics here, folks.
  • Features that inverted tear-drop lenses thing. Now, don’t ask me what it means, but I’ve heard it gives you a fantastic downward visibility.
  • Last but not least, freediving instructors find it a solid choice. Nothing gets better than approval from the pros!


  • Some folks reckon it’s a bit tight, especially for folks with larger faces.
  • And then, there’s the top strap. It could’ve been more comfortable, I reckon.

5. Mares Viper Mask– The Top Choice for Spearfishing

Score 8.6 OUT OF 10
Mares Viper Mask

Now here’s a mask that’s got the freediving instructors singing its praises- the Mares Viper. Designed with the needs of spearfishers in mind, this one’s a real game changer. What’s so special about it? Well, it’s all about the ultra-low volume and superior hydrodynamics that enhance performance during those long underwater hunts.

The Mares Viper is made with high-quality silicone, ensuring optimum comfort and a great seal. The innovative design includes a specially shaped skirt that offers great fit and anti-fog properties. It’s got an anti-glare finish too, so no worries about any distracting reflections.


  • Top of the list, the high-quality silicone. Trust me, you ain’t want to be stuck with rashes after a long dive.
  • It’s about as sleek and slim as they come. Designed to help you cut through the water with ease.
  • C’mon, you have seen this thing, right? It’s got a great underwater visibility. You can enjoy the view down there without worrying about your mask fogging up.
  • The mask is made for serious spearo. It’s got what it takes for you to go deep, catch your fish and get back up in no time.


  • Some folks might find the silicone skirt a little hard. Not a deal breaker, but worth keeping in mind.
  • The mask could be a bit leaky if you’ve got facial hair. Guess the guys with beards will have to stick to their razors before diving!

Special Mention- Products Perfect for Beginners

For all the rookies out there, picking the right freediving mask can be a tad overwhelming. You might be tempted to go for big brands or fancy materials, but let me tell you, nothing beats a good fit. A mask that fits well is worth its weight in gold, regardless of the brand or material.

That said, there are some brands that stand out in the crowd. Cressi, Mares, Beuchat, Salvimar, Aqualung, Omer- these are the names to look out for. These heavyweight brands offer a range of quality masks, each with its own unique features and benefits. So there’s something for everyone, no matter what your preferences or needs might be.

6. OMER Alien – Best Rated for Freediving Newcomers

Score 7.8 OUT OF 10
OMER Alien

Alright, let’s talk about the OMER Alien. Now, this is a mask that’s been racking up some serious points in the freediving community, especially with the newbies. See, the thing about the OMER Alien is that it feels like it was made just for you, no matter who you are or what your experience level is. It’s got an air volume that’s pretty much perfect. Not too much, not too little, just right.

What’s more, it’s got a design that’s as sleek as a dolphin and as sturdy as a sea turtle. You want to talk about a quality piece of equipment? This is it. It’s got a feel that’s comfortable, a fit that’s snug, and a look that’s downright cool. But more than just looking good, it helps you perform good. That’s right, this mask helps you dive deeper, stay down longer, and enjoy your freediving experience to the fullest.


  • Perfect for both freediving and spearfishing due to its versatile design.
  • Low volume design further aids underwater activities by preserving oxygen.
  • Superior comfort provided by its perfect fitting.
  • Excellent visibility underwater for close-up views.
  • Robust build quality ensures prolonged usage


  • May not be suitable for professional level freediving and spearfishing.
  • Some users might find the fitting slightly tight.

7. Aqua Lung Sphera X Mask– User-Friendly and Great for Novices

Score 8.6 OUT OF 10
Aqua Lung Sphera X Mask

Okay, let’s shift gears and take a look at the Aqua Lung Sphera X Mask. If the OMER Alien is the spaceship, then the Aqua Lung Sphera X is the astronaut. It’s got a patented design that’s easy to use, even if you’re a total beginner. What makes it stand out is its air volume. Much like the Alien, it’s got just the right amount to help you dive deeper and longer.

But the Sphera X isn’t just about performance. It’s also about comfort. This mask features curved plastic lenses that fit perfectly around your ocular orbit. That’s just a fancy way of saying it fits around your eyes real nice. Plus, it’s got a 180-degree field of vision. Yeah, you read that right. With this mask, you’ll see more of the ocean than you ever thought possible.


  • It’s got an incredibly low air volume, which means there’s less air to equalize in the mask as you dive deeper, saving more oxygen in your lungs for the adventure ahead.
  • The mask is a real softie, despite its tough exterior. It’s made of quality silicone that compresses comfortably against your face as you dive, ensuring zero leakage.
  • Sun protection is in-built into this bad boy. The skirt of the mask safeguards your peepers from harsh sunlight.
  • The Aqua Lung Sphera X Mask is not just for seasoned divers. It’s got a user-friendly design, making it a favorite among beginners as well.


  • The low air volume design, while ideal for diving, might limit peripheral vision. So, if you want a wider view, this mask may not be your best bet.

Round Up of Other Worthwhile Freediving Masks

Alright, let’s take a quick spin around the freediving world and see what other masks are making waves. First off, we’ve got the Mares Star Liquidskin. Now that’s a name that screams luxury, and let me tell ya, it lives up to it. This mask offers a seamless blend of comfort and vision, making every dive a joy.

8. Mares Star Liquidskin Mask– Luxurious Comfort and Vision

Score 9OUT OF 10
Mares Star Liquidskin Mask

The Mares Star Liquidskin mask is a diamond in the rough when it comes to freediving masks. The makers of Mares Star pulled out all the stops to make this mask one of the most comfortable on the market. Using two types of comfortable silicone, they’ve created a mask that fits like a glove. The firm silicone supports the frame and the lens, while the soft silicone makes up the skirt that touches the face, creating a comfortable seal between the mask and the skin.

It ain’t just about comfort though. The design of this mask is like a well-oiled machine. The geometry of the mask has been optimized to reduce water drag, making it an elite freediving tool. You can feel the difference as soon as you put it on, like cutting through hot butter. The lens’s angle gives you a wider field of view than other masks. It’s like sitting front row at a cinema, compared to squinting from the back.

But wait, there’s more. This mask is also a gem with spearfishers. The Mares Star Liquidskin is an ideal mask for spearfishing because of its low volume and clear vision. Perfect for spotting those elusive fishes hiding in the depths. A result of years of research, this mask proves that you don’t have to choose between comfort, fit, and vision – you can have it all.


  • Thanks to the Mares’ comfortable silicone, it boasts a super-snug fit that won’t let you down underwater.
  • Say hello to reduced water drag, thanks to this mask’s optimized geometry. This, my friend, means a superior diving experience.
  • With the Mares Star Liquidskin Mask, you’ll enjoy an unobstructed field of vision. So, miss no detail of the enchanting underwater world.
  • Comfort is king with this mask. The soft silicone perfectly molds against your face, offering a comfortable seal that’s unmatched.


  • Some divers might find the Mares Star to have a snug fit, a bit too tight for comfort.
  • It could also feel a tad heavy on the face after prolonged use.

9. XS Scuba Apnos Freediving Mask– Featuring an Accommodating Fit for Various Faces Sizes

Score 9OUT OF 10
XS Scuba Apnos Freediving Mask

If you’re looking for a mask that feels like part of your face rather than an add-on, look no further than the XS Scuba Apnos mask. This mask is all about the “natural feel”. One of the highlights of the XS Scuba is the super low volume design, making it feel like you’re looking through a window rather than a mask. It’s so comfortable; you might forget you’re wearing it!

This mask ain’t just about comfort, though. The teardrop-shaped lenses offer a clear and wide view, great for spotting marine life or finding your way around underwater. The mask strap is also designed to be comfortable and secure, keeping the mask in place even during intense diving.


  • Offers a comfortable fit for varying face sizes.
  • Teardrop lenses optimize visibility, allowing divers a wide view of the aquatic life.
  • Silicon technology ensures enhanced comfort and usability.
  • Equalization comes easy with the mask’s efficient design.
  • The mask strap is designed to prevent discomfort and skin irritation.


  • The XS Scuba mask might not provide an optimal fit for individuals with broader facial structures.
  • Some individuals might find the mask’s super low volume design a bit confining.

10. Salvimar Noah– Acclaimed for Its Remarkable Field of Vision

Score 8.2 OUT OF 10
Salvimar Noah

Free diving is all about the experience, and a big part of that experience is what you can see underwater. The Salvimar Noah mask is famous for providing an increased field of vision. Unlike some masks that offer a narrow and focused view, the Salvimar Noah provides a broad and downward field, giving you a panoramic view of the underwater world.

But it ain’t all about what you can see. The air volume of the mask also plays a significant role. In some cases, an increased field of vision can come at the expense of increased air volume. However, that’s not the case with the Salvimar Noah. This mask offers the best of both worlds – a wide field of vision without compromising on the air volume.


  • This fella has a low air volume design, very helpful for those folks wanting to save oxygen and dive deeper. Reminds me of those aqualung sphera x masks.
  • Comes fitted with dual lenses that help to provide a clear view of the underwater world, useful for when you’re trying to spot a speckled trout or a rogue lobster.
  • The Salvimar Noah offers a comfortable fit, because of its designed facial skirt. That’s a smidge of silicone that sits up against your face.
  • It’s also a compact mask, making it easy to carry and store. Can easily fit it in your pocket, unless you’re wearing skinny jeans. Then all bets are off.


  • Some experienced divers have said that the strap buckle is a bit on the finicky side, but nothing to write home about.
  • The dual lenses are not as wide a few others on the market, so while they’re clear, your view might be a tad restricted. Not like tunnel vision, but you catch my drift.

Deciding Factors in Choosing the Best Freediving Mask

Choosing the right freediving mask can feel like finding the right partner. It’s gotta be right in all the ways that matter. I mean, it’s gonna be up close with your face, you know? You better believe there are things to consider.

Understanding the Primary Uses of the Mask

First off, you gotta figure out what you’re using the mask for. You could be a vacationer, splashing around in the sea once or twice a year. If that’s you, then you’re gonna want an adjustable mask that’s comfy and gives you a good look at the underwater world. It’s kinda like the jack-of-all-trades in the freediving mask world.

Then again, you could be a spearfishing enthusiast – the sort who’s chasing dinner or just enjoying the chase. If that’s the case, your mask needs to have a low air volume and a good downwards field of vision. And let’s not forget about fit. A mask that sits like a glove on your face means you can focus more on the fish and less on adjusting your gear.

On the other hand, you might be a competition freediver, always pushing your limits, needing that burst of adrenaline. You’d be after a streamlined mask with a low air volume – it’s like the sports car of masks. You get the drift, right? Choose the mask that suits your purpose.

Wrapping Up – Concluding Thoughts on the Best Freediving Masks of 2023

The Salvimar Noah sits high in the pecking order of masks, along with advanced freediving masks like the Mares Viper. The Mares viper, with its anti-abrasion camouflage and crystal-clear vision, is a top choice for spearfishers. While Noah is touted for its remarkable field of vision.

For those folks just starting, the mask is best suitable for you might be an adjustable mask like the OMER Alien. They’re user-friendly, offer a nice view of the underwater world, and won’t make you feel like you’re diving headfirst into a science experiment.

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