Unveiling the Best Men’s Rash Guards to Suit Your Surfing Needs

#1 Pick

O'Neill Premium Skins UPF 50+ Long Sleeve Rash Guard


Quiksilver Men's Solid Streak Long Sleeve Rashguard

Best Budget

Scubapro Men's Rash Guard

Riding waves are like riding life. Sometimes, it’s smooth sailing; other times, it’s rough as a cob. But no matter how tough it gets, having the right gear can help you steer clear of troubles. We’re here to help you get protected while keeping your cool with the top-rated men’s rash guard shirts. These babies are the duct tape of surf wear – their purpose is as plentiful as stars on a moonless night! They’ll not only shield your skin from the sun but also save you from those irritating rashes you’d get from waxed surfboards or wetsuits. So, walk with us through our picks for the best men’s rash guards.

Curated List of Best Men’s Rash Guards

1. O’Neill Premium Skins UPF 50+ Long Sleeve Rash Guard: Best Men’s Rashguard Overall

Score 8.4 OUT OF 10
O'Neill Premium Skins UPF 50+ Long Sleeve Rash Guard

You know O’Neill, right? The granddaddy of all surf brands? This one’s on the ridge pole of their lineup. O’Neill Premium Skins UPF 50+ Rash Guards got more thumbs up than a hitchhiker at a truck stop. It’s got the fit of a glove and the comfort of a well-worn boot. Plus, this shirt’s lighter than a newborn calf, yet it’s sturdy as an old barn.

And speaking of barns, they shield horses from the weather, right? This rash guard does the same for you. With a 4-way stretch, it’s like a cozy blanket that moves with you, providing a comfy fit. It makes you feel airy even when the sun’s beating down. The Skin Cancer Foundation even gave it a nod! All said and done, this baby’s tough as a $2 steak.


  • Layers of protection, like an armored vest against the sun
  • Endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation
  • Four-way stretch gives freedom to move around just like a critter on an open field
  • Feels light as air with breathable fabric
  • Fit just as comfy as your granddaddy’s rocking chair
  • Can be a tad snug, might need to upsize


  • Made to tightly hug you, without making you feel breathless
  • Good UV protection gets a nod from the Skin Cancer Foundation
  • Four-way stretch fabric lets you twist and turn without feeling bound up
  • Feels light and comfy, just like a Southern breeze


  • Sizing might be a tad smaller than your usual
  • Not the best choice if you’re looking for something loose and airy

2. Quiksilver Men’s Solid Streak Long Sleeve Rashguard: Exceptional Offering of UPF Protection and Style

Score 9.4 OUT OF 10
Quiksilver Men's Solid Streak Long Sleeve Rashguard

Quiksilver ain’t just quick on the waves; they’re quick on quality too. Their Solid Streak Long Sleeve Rash Guard’s a real show horse in the surf wear race. It’s the Johnny Cash of rash guards – simple yet catchy. There’s nothing extravagant about this, just solid function with a delicate splash of fashion.

The fabric’s a blend of polyester and elastane, giving you an exquisite fit as comfortable as your favorite flannel shirt. Quiksilver’s introduced a layer of protection that’ll make you as tough-skinned as an old croc against the sun’s bite. In addition, moisture-wicking properties will drive the dampness away from your skin faster than a bread truck on its morning route.


  • Blend of polyester and elastane gives durability and comfort on par with handcrafted leather boots
  • Soft, snug fit might make you think it’s tailored exclusively for you
  • Defends against the sun just like a Stetson protects against the summer heat
  • Moisture-wicking feature will keep you dry quicker than a buffalo on a bike
  • While super comfortable, a connector loop would’ve added to its functionality
  • Outperforms regular rash guards
  • Odor resistant, so working up a sweat isn’t a problem
  • Defends against itchy skin problems, talk about rash prevention
  • Not as rich in design choices as a box of crayons


  • Material as sturdy and flexible as a well-oiled lasso
  • Fit’s as snug as a hand in a glove
  • Moisture-wicking properties that’ll keep you dryer than a boot in the desert
  • Protection’s strong enough to fend off fierce summer sun
  • Feels like down feathers on your skin; thank you, 100% polyester
  • Conserves its shape against multiple dives and even after a wrestling match with a washer


  • Needs a connector loop for securing your board shorts
  • Not the best choice if you’re looking for rash guards with vibrant patterns
  • Not made from recycled materials, Mother Nature might give a stern look
  • Can be surprisingly turtle-like in speed when adapting to cooler temperatures

3. Scubapro Men’s Rash Guard: Lightweight Rash Guard for Comfort

Score 9.4 OUT OF 10
Scubapro Men's Rash Guard

This is the light feather in the gusty world of rash guards, a name that stands out on the crowded supermarket shelves. The Scubapro Men’s Rash Guard hails from the legendary house of Scubapro, which is like Rolls-Royce when it comes to deep-sea diving equipment. Manufactured in the USA, this guy boasts of a comfortable and snug fit achieved by the magic of 100% polyester.

But have no fear; this isn’t the kind of polyester that makes you feel like you’re wearing a plastic bag. Instead, it feels like a light summer breeze against your skin, kind of like being kissed by a summer cloud – if that cloud was exceptionally smooth and waterproof.

And just like a secret agent, it comes equipped with a UPF 50 rating, warning UV radiation to back off. If the sun were a wild west outlaw, the Scubapro Men’s Rash Guard would be the unbeatable sheriff, keeping your skin looking sprightful. However, while it’s a big, tough hero against UV rays, it’s surprisingly chill and adjusts like a slow turtle when met with a quick drop in temperature. It’s not made from recycled plastic bottles, so it’s got a bit of work to do in the eco-friendly department.


  • Approved by Skin Cancer Foundation
  • Offers 4-way stretch, freedom to bend, twist and dance
  • Minimize rashes with these minimal seams, no more scrape ‘n’ burn
  • Has more in common with women’s long sleeve rash guard than a chameleon with its surroundings
  • Resistant to chlorine because who’s got time for white hair


  • Offers flatlock seams, a smooth surface all around
  • Machine washable, making cleaning less of a chore
  • Has seamless paddle zones; it’s like paddle paradise
  • Gives women’s rash guards a run for their money
  • Rash protection is top-notch, gives you the benefit of a second skin


  • Size measurements may have a lover’s quarrel with truth
  • Struggles with retaining body heat

4. O’Neill Men’s Basic Skins UPF 50+ Long Sleeve Rash Guard: Perfect for the Trendy Surfer

Score 9 OUT OF 10
O'Neill Men's Basic Skins UPF 50+ Long Sleeve Rash Guard

The O’Neill Men’s Basic Skins UPF 50+ Long Sleeve Rash Guard may give you the vibes of a sophisticated scientist with an eye for fashion, and boy, does it have the resume to back that up. Made of an uber-soft blend of polyester and spandex, this rash guard moves with you, in and out of water. Swinging dance moves underwater? Not a problem. 

Its minimalist design is enriched with 4-way stretch that’s like a soulful ballet performance. The minimal seam placement is genius at play – reducing the chance of rashes from sand, salt, and chlorine on your skin. But here’s a bummer, the size measurements of this beast might need a little tweaking under the microscope; sometimes, it runs about a size smaller. Also, it doesn’t do a great job of holding onto body heat. But hey, no one’s perfect, right? Wearing this trendy number, you’ll ride the waves like a symphony and even have the nod of approval from the skin cancer foundation.


  • Short sleeve rashguard provides casual style
  • Versatile for both in and out-of-water activities
  • Lacks thermal protection, suitable for warmer climates
  • Soft, durable material
  • Prevents surf rash and sunburn
  • Less freedom restriction than long sleeve rash vests
  • Doesn’t offer full arm protection from the sun


  • Casual style for beach and everyday wear
  • Easier movement than long sleeve option
  • Quality material ensures durability
  • Protects skin from surf rash and sunburn
  • Comfortable and lightweight


  • Offers less thermal protection than some options
  • Does not provide full arm coverage from the sun

5. Hurley Men’s Americana Short Sleeve Rashguard: Casual and Versatile Rash Guard Shirt

Score 8.6 OUT OF 10
Hurley Men's Americana Short Sleeve Rashguard

For those of you who like to show a bit of skin, this here’s the Hurley Men’s Americana Short Sleeve Rashguard. It’s as versatile as Grandpa’s Swiss army knife, and its casual style makes it a hit for surf or sand. Don’t expect any fancy fleece lining or lavish layering; this shirt ain’t got none. Perfect for those warm beach days when the ocean doesn’t feel like a freezer.

But keep in mind; it’s got the bare essentials. It saves your skin from getting rubbed raw by your surfboard and shields you from a nasty sunburn. Great stuff. If full arm coverage is your game, you might want to turn a leaf though. But for those looking for freer movements, like an eagle on the surfboard, this option is as enticing as a cold one on a sunny day.


  • UPF 50+ protection shields skin from sun
  • Breathable polyester and elastane blend
  • Snug fit for comfort
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes
  • Machine washable
  • Possesses board short connectors
  • Sizing may run a bit small


  • High level of UPF protection
  • Snug fit but still comfortable
  • Material is both breathable and quick drying
  • Convenience of machine wash
  • Available in a range of colors for personal preference


  • Sizing may be a bit on the snug side
  • Not a long sleeve rashie, less arm coverage

6. Volcom Men’s Solid UPF 50+ Short Sleeve Rashguard: Stylish and Comfortable Rash Guard

Score 8.2 OUT OF 10
Volcom Men's Solid UPF 50+ Short Sleeve Rashguard

Turn heads while catching waves with the mighty Volcom Men’s Solid UPF 50+ Short Sleeve Rashguard. This sizzler’s made from a breathable blend of fine polyester and elastane. Exactly what you need to keep cool when the sun becomes as relentless as a barnyard rooster. Wrap this baby around ya and feel the snug fit that’s as comfortable and secure as a bear hug. Did we mention it’s machine washable?

Apart from making your laundry days easier than Sunday morning, this hunk features board short connectors. Now, that’s singing in tune! Offering a rainbow of colors and sizes that are more diverse than a politician’s promises, this beauty’s got it all. But a word of caution, though. The sizing might feel a bit tight, so you might want to consider going up a size. No one wants to feel like a stuffed sausage, right?


  • Designed to snugly fit your frame like a second skin
  • Boasts an impressive UPF rating of 50+
  • One of the few rash guards endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation for superb UV protection
  • Made from a flexible 4-way stretch blend of polyester and spandex
  • Ingenious minimal seam placement to reduce rash risks from sand, salt, and chlorine
  • Unique tattoo design, standing out from other traditional rash guards
  • Sizing runs small, so you may have to order a size up


  • Second-skin fit coupled with breathability
  • Achieves the top-tier UPF 50+ rating for ultimate sun protection
  • 4-way stretch material allows dynamic movement
  • Seam placement designed to minimize skin irritation
  • Unconventional tattoo design adds a touch of personality


  • Not well-suited for martial arts, relatively less flexible
  • Size tends to run small, not as expected for many

7. LAFROI Men’s Long Sleeve UPF 50+ Baselayer Skins: Unconventional Tattoo Design Rash Guard

Score 9.2 OUT OF 10
LAFROI Men's Long Sleeve UPF 50+ Baselayer Skins

Introducing the LAFROI Men’s Long Sleeve Rash Guard. This ain’t your average Joe of rash guard designs that often blend in and get lost in the crowd. The unconventional tattoo design is a stark display of out-of-the-box design thinking that sure helps you stand out on the beach.

And it isn’t just about the looks! LAFROI delivers on performance as well. It offers optimum body fit─like the superhero suit that’s a part of you ─ thanks to the polyester and spandex material. Fits snugly yet feels light and breathable. The ultimate sun protection with a UPF50+ rating is another big thumbs up. But remember, you might want to size up a bit to get the perfect fit. No one likes a superhero suit that pulls.


  • Slim fit style for an aesthetic appeal
  • Uses flatlock stitching for enhanced durability and reduced skin irritation
  • Features raglan sleeves to promote flexibility and comfort
  • UPF 50+ for maximum UV protection
  • Perfect for multiple outdoor activities, including surfing and running
  • Offers breathability and quick-dry fabric to keep you cool and dry
  • Can be matched with swim trunks


  • Slim fit style ensures a comfortable wear
  • Flatlock stitching minimizes skin irritation
  • Quick-dry fabric keeps you fresh all-day
  • Provides maximum UV protection with a UPF 50+ rating
  • Can be paired with swim trunks or worn independently


  • May not fit well on both men and women
  • Design might be too plain for some

8. Kanu Surf Men’s Long-Sleeve Platinum UPF 50+ Rashguard: Ultimate Flexibility Rash Guard

Score 9 OUT OF 10
Kanu Surf Men's Long-Sleeve Platinum UPF 50+ Rashguard

Whoever told us “not to judge a book by its cover” was probably talking about the Kanu Surf Men’s Long-Sleeve Platinum rashguard. Your first glance at it might suggest just another bland rash guard─no flashy designs, no hoopla. But you gotta crack open this nut to really appreciate its meat! In a field dominated by all loud and proud designs, this guy certainly works its charm under the radar.

But don’t let its humble outlook fool ya! It ticks all the right boxes for a top-notch rash guard. A slim-fit style to keep you looking sharp and quick-dry fabric to ever keep you fresh. Raglan sleeves and flatlock stitching promote flexibility and reduce the chances of any skin irritations. 


  • Long-sleeved rash guard offers full coverage, practical for first-timers and pros alike
  • Provides stellar thermal protection, keeping you snug in colder waves
  • Made of recycled polyester.
  • Suitable for all surfers. From the dude catching his first break to the seasoned wave rider
  • Stitched together like they were making a rashguard for the King of England. Top-of-the-line construction.
  • Reasonably priced for the budget-conscious beachgoer. Because who said saving money wasn’t stylish?
  • Falls slightly short in terms of durability due to its thinner fabric. Not ideal for those who want to be out on the water every day


  • Created with cool in mind. A heavy hitter in the style department.
  • Boasts top-quality UV protection. Your moms would be proud.
  • Stands the test of time due to superior construction.
  • Soft to the touch. Wearing it feels like a baby’s yawn on your skin.
  • Comes with a price tag that won’t have you out cold


  • May be tight around the chest for the muscle-bound beachgoer.
  • Thinner fabric means less durability, a little like that old rusty truck of your grandpa

9. Body Glove Men’s Long Sleeve Rashguard: Brilliantly Designed Budget Rash Guard

Score 8.8 OUT OF 10
Body Glove Men’s Long Sleeve Rashguard

Body Glove’s long-sleeve rashguard is the total package. It’s like a great bottle of bourbon, affordable with a taste of luxury. The design ethos here is practicality meets affordability. You know, like finally finding a parking spot right in front of the supermarket. Full coverage makes it practical for both first-time surfers and seasoned wave riders.

Its thermal protection also keeps you warm, much like the sense of satisfaction you get from fixing a leaky faucet all by yourself. Makes you want to puff your chest up and strut.

No matter how chiseled your torso may be, this rash guard provides a comfortable fit. The icing on top? It’s made from recycled polyester, helping all of us out by keeping those plastic bottles out of the ocean. Hang on! Does that mean you’ll be sporting used soda bottles on your chest while taming the waves? Kinda gives a whole new meaning to “trashy” style, doesn’t it?


  • Crafted from 100 percent polyester – just the ticket for a dry day in the surf
  • A stylish rash guard that keeps you looking sharp on the beach
  • Moisture-wicking material makes it drier than stand-up comedy by the beach
  • A bathing suit combined with a rash guard
  • Offers exceptional UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Optimal flexibility hit the moves in the sea without hindrance. It moves with your body like an expert dance partner
  • Lightweight fabric, a little like carrying a feather in your pocket


  • Dries up quickly
  • UV protection rivals the Great Wall of China in terms of protection
  • Eye-candy style makes you the eye-candy
  • Top-tier flexibility
  • Light as a feather


  • Comes with longer-than-average sleeves. Not ideal if you’re after custom fit.
  • May ride up in waves due to the lightweight fabric. You might have to do a pull-down every now and then or learn to live with a bit of belly show

10. Platinum Sun Long Sleeve Swim Surf Shirt: Excellent Rash Guard for Cold Weather Diving

Score 9 OUT OF 10
Platinum Sun Long Sleeve Swim Surf Shirt

Your first glance at Platinum Sun’s long sleeve surf shirt might get your head spinning with a burst of colors. But rest assured, beneath its fashionable facade is a workhorse rash guard ready to tag along on your adventures. Crafted with 100 percent polyester, it makes moisture evaporate faster than a politician’s promises.

So, you’re comfortable whether you’re under the sun or under the waves. And did we say it’s stylish too? Be prepared for envious eyes on you.

Boasting incredible UPF 50+ protection, it keeps the sun’s harmful rays off, and you can surf in peace, you know, just you and the waves. And get this – it comes with thumbholes at the cuffs for increased practicality and comfort. Talk about the little things making a big difference – it’s like putting ketchup on a hotdog. The highlight though, has to be its ability to deliver unlimited movement. Encased in this snug suit, you can swing, stretch, tumble, pretty much do a full-on Broadway dance in the surf if you wish.


  • Top-quality UPF 50+ protection
  • Breathable, flexible fabric for maximal motion on the waves
  • High neck design to prevent chafing
  • Eye-catching style and print versatility
  • Long-lasting durability for ceaseless surf sessions
  • Slightly pricey


  • Effective protection against skin damage with UPF 50+
  • High-neck design resists chafing caused by surfboards
  • Flexible fabric encourages unrestricted motion on the waves
  • Available in a variety of styles fitting every surfer’s taste
  • Proven durability, sustaining numerous wash cycles and intense sessions


  • Somewhat higher on the price scale compared to competitors
  • Size chart may run small, extra care required while choosing sizes

Factors to Consider While Buying Rash Guards

Surf more, worry less. Choose wisely, considering material quality and warmth, sleeve length, fitting, UV protection, along with color and design.

  • Material Quality and Thermal Protection

Material kind and quality can determine if the chills or burns get to you. A top-notch rash guard can do more than just save your skin from sun or saltwater. Thermal protection matters if you’re braving colder water. Some rash guards ain’t just polyester or spandex but carry neoprene or fleece linings for extra insulation. They range between 0.5 mm and 4 mm in thickness, which can spell the difference between a nice warm surf or instinctive goosebumps. For the deep divers, remember to consider neoprene’s tendency to compress with depth, affecting your buoyancy.

  • Rash Guard Sleeve Length

So, are you for full protection or more of a breezy type? Long sleeve rash guards are like complete bodyguards, shielding your arms fully from the sun. But if you’re someone who imagines sleeves tying them down, a looser t-shirt style might be your speed. While the real pro surfers might feel long sleeves hindering mobility, that’s more of an issue with the thicker, warmth-preserving rash vests. If it’s your debut on the board, we’d recommend full sleeves to ward off those newbie abrasions.

  • Fitting

Rash guards aren’t your regular beach attire; these are your water armor. A fitting that’s too loose can lead to the guard bunching, causing discomfort and chafing, and a tight fit might restrict movement. So, it’s vital to find the Goldilocks zone of rashguard fitting – not too loose, not too constricting, but just right. Be sure to consider different brands as sizing may run differently.

  • Color and Design

Nothing wrong in wanting to look dapper while you carve that wave. While color and design come down to personal preference, it’s handy to know a couple of color facts. Darker or brighter colors aren’t just snazzy, but they absorb ultraviolet rays better than their paler counterparts. Want to stay warm, go for a darker hue. Feeling the heat, pick pastels or white for a cooling effect. So now you can pair being stylish with being scientifically savvy.

  • UV Protection Capabilities

It’s not all about looks, though. We wear rash guards primarily to block those skin-aggravating UV rays. Just like sunscreen, the quality of your rash guard is gauged by its UPF protection, essentially its ability to fend off harmful solar radiation. The denser the fabric weave, the fewer UV rays hitting your skin. Some rashguards even come with an added UV deflective coating. High-tech stuff, right? So, when we’re wearing a rash guard, it’s like saying: “Hey, sun, nice try!”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of a rash guard?

Think of a rashguard as a wingman for your skin, like a boxer’s gloves for a heavyweight fighter. Like the boxer’s gloves, it keeps your skin from getting roasted during all that friction between you and your surfboard or your wetsuit. Now, imagine getting sandpaper-scratched and sun-cooked at the same time – not a pretty picture, right? That’s exactly what we’re trying to avoid here. A rash guard keeps your skin from turning into a tomato while also offering some bit of UV protection so your skin doesn’t get roasted more than Sunday BBQ chicken.

First things first, remember the magic number – 50. That’s the UPF rating you want. Next up are the synthetic fabrics. We’re talking about the cute combo of Lycra, Polyester, Nylon, a little bit of neoprene, and sometimes, sprinkles of cotton blends. Lastly, whether you go for short sleeves or long depends on your weather preferences – if you like it hot, go for short. More of a fan of brisk weather? Go for a longer .

After each roll with the waves, rinse your rashguard in fresh water to get rid of all that salt, chlorine, and sand. Keep it away from anything chemical like bleach or harsh detergents. Now, you might be tempted to pop it into the dryer, but hold those horses. What you want to do is allow your rash guard some fresh air to air dry. Let it breathe easy after a hard day’s work, avoiding direct sunlight to keep it from fading.


Our recommendation leans towards those utilizing quality synthetic materials. Why, you ask? Well, think of them as the reliable old pickup truck – tough, flexible, and although not always attractive, they get the job done, right?

Rash guards, on the one hand, are life rafts for action-packed sports like surfing. They hug your body, ensuring you stay warm and comfy. Think of them as winter jackets for sports in the open water. Usually made of thicker synthetic fabrics like neoprene, they sometimes partner up with polyester and Elastane. Swim shirts offer coverage, extend your water time, and fit a tad looser. They’re often a blend of polyester and nylon, sometimes 100% polyester or even blended cotton. So, rash guards = a snug fitness buddy; swim shirts = a snug beach bum buddy.

Wrapping Up

Sweat, salt water, and the thrill of riding a perfect wave that’s what surfing is all about. But we can’t forget the dangers of the sun’s harmful UV rays. We’ve surfed through hundreds of hours researching the best surf rash guards that both protect you from those rays and keep you looking fresh on the board. Each of these rash guards offers 50 UPF sun protection, which means they block out about 98% of the sun’s rays. They are not just about function; they are fashion statements with a cause.

So when you grab your board on that next sunny day, remember one of our top picks – whether it’s the Scubapro Men’s Rash Guard or the LAFROI Men’s Long Sleeve UPF 50+ Baselayer Skins, you’re ready to hit those waves with added peace of mind.

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